Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale - May 2012 Haul

Yes, I went to another Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse sale.  Did I get much? No.  I couldn't make it to the first 2 days of the sale but it didn't matter much as I didn't get much on my two trips - Monday and Tuesday.  I went with a friend on Monday, it was her first time there.  I thought she would be more happy about the makeup part of the sale but she was totally awestruck by the amount of brand name perfumes that were sold there.  Here are the beauty products I bought:

Left to right:
$25 - Burberry Brit Sheer 30mL / 1 fl oz
$6.99 - Nivea Creme 400mL
$6 - Marcelle Purity Soothing Cleansing Water 200mL / 6 fl oz
$1.49 - Tivoli Cosmetics Criss-Cross False Lashes
$1.49 - Tivoli Cosmetics Natural False Lashes

Update: I've failed to mention Lisa's Cosmetics has started to sell ~H20+ skincare.


  1. I also went to the sale and blogged what I got,


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