Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-balancing softener

Does your skin need hydration? Even with a good moisturizer, it is just not hydrating enough without a hydrating softener / toner / lotion.  This is something I learned recently.  The technique to apply your toner / softener / lotion and moisturizer is just as important.  My first impression of this Shiseido Hydro-balancing softener was not good.  The scent was not the best and I didn't see a change in my skin after using it.  But after some time of using it with a different approach, my thoughts have changed.

The scent: A floral scent but not a refreshing one

Consistency: Clear watery solution

Application: Soaking the cotton pad with around 4 - 5 pumps of softener, I lightly and swiftly tap / pat it upwards on my skin.  You know your cotton pad is soaked enough if you hear a sound when you tap / pat it on your skin.  The sound that you hear when you tap the water surface of a pool or bucket of water.  However, the nose area requires a slower pat and lightly press motion

Packaging:  It comes in a pump dispenser which I prefer over a twisting-cap bottle.  You get 150 mL or 5 fl oz of product.

What it claims: "A gentle, alcohol-free lotion that instantly softens and rehydrates the skin for enhanced suppleness."

Thoughts / Results:
Like I said before, my first impressions of this product was not the best.  I thought it did nothing for me but I learned that patting the solution on your skin does make a difference.  I used to simply rub it all over my skin with a cotton pad then thinking this product did nothing for me.  Now that I've used a different approach to apply this softener, I saw a difference.  My skin does feel and look more hydrated as claimed on Shiseido's website.  Although I agree this softener helped my skin, I don't agree with their claim of 'instantly' softening the skin.  My skin is most noticeably soft overnight but definitely not instantly.  My nose skin doesn't flake and my foundation applies on better than before. Therefore, I can really see the difference of how this softener helped my moisturizer get absorbed into my skin.  I've been breaking out lately and I get these huge pimples where once they pop, it shrivels up and that area of my skin dries out and flakes.  But after pressing and patting the softener on, allowing my skin receive more hydration, my skin has gotten a lot better.  Even without makeup, my skin has a dewy, radiant glow.

Another good thing about this product is alcohol-free.  Well for the product to be hydrating, it must not have alcohol; otherwise your skin will dry out.

So, this softener is a great product but not with proper technique. 

Cost: $44 CAD / $36 USD MSRP @Sephora (I bought it for $25 CAD at Shiseido & NARS warehouse sale)

Product: Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-Balancing Softener Alcohol-free
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Hydrating
- Softens your skin overnight
- Allows better moisturizer absorption

- Price -- in order to saturate your cotton pad like what the directions say, you use up a lot of product

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  1. I bought it at the Shiseido warehouse too! Good choice I love this product too!




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