Thursday, May 3, 2012 Haul

It's been 9 months since I shopped online for beauty items.  I've read lots of good haul purchased from so I thought I should give it a shot.  I bought a few necessities and things I need to restock.

1.  Cogit Washing Epi Towel - $15 USD
As you rub this towel diagonally on your back, it can catch on to your back hair thus making it feel softer.  I guess it works like a loofah so it'll be interesting to try this out.

2.  Freshel White C Cleansing Oil A - $15 USD
After finishing the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, I had to resort to other makeup removal products but seems like I haven't found a cheaper alternative to it.  So I thought I should give this a try and see how much I like it.  I've read some decent reviews on it, so I'll have to see how effective and true this oil works.

3. Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion (Moist and Light) - $16.50 USD each
According to the Hada Labo website, in Japan, this lotion sells 1 in every 4 seconds.  So I'm very eager to try them out and see what results they give.

4.  Dariya Hair Magic Sheet in Pink - $4.50 USD
Remember how I bought a pair of these knock offs from eBay? Well I've finally bought an authentic pack! So I might do a review on them and talk about their differences.

5.  Shiseido Powder Puff #123 - $8.50 USD
Lately, I've been using MAC's Select Sheer / Loose powder and I needed an extra one.  I purposely chose a big puff because I find it's easier to manipulate.

Now this is my first time experience ordering from  Here is my thought on it:
1.  Shipping is cheap, $2.  The store mails via registered lettermail, meaning they give you a tracking number.  I personally like to see the shipping progress of my parcel.
2.  I didn't get charged customs tax - a good thing.  Though I think customs is a little looser with makeup and skincare packages.
3.  Shipping is considered pretty fast since I ordered on the night of April 24 and receive it today, May 3.
4.  Adambeauty does offer lower prices on many items compared to other Asian beauty online shops.  Yet the cheapest I've seen is
5.  The website needs to be regularly updated.  Seems like this online store doesn't have many staff working on there as a lot of their items are out of stock and not frequently replenished.
6.  Package came in a large envelope as opposed to a box, which probably saves the company on shipping supplies but still probably not the best idea.  The company did wrap my items in bubble wrap.
7.  Product descriptions are written in Chinese.  A big disadvantage for those who can't read Chinese.  Then again, there's always Google Translate. =)

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