Thursday, January 24, 2013

As I'm sitting on my bed with a glass of wine...

Today is just a day I need to have a glass of wine.  I came home from work and remembered I have a bottle of wine sitting in my fridge.  What better night to sip a glass of wine and write up on my blog than tonight.  In the meantime, I'm dealing with this eBay buyer who made up some retard excuse that she lost her bank card and can't pay for one of my items she won.  Does she honestly think I'm that stupid? HELLO? This is honestly the second time an eBay bidder has backed out of a 'won' item, claiming SOMETHING happened to their bank card.  Seriously, it's bull shaaat!  Like if you've got buyer's remorse, just man up - DON'T waste time - and say you no longer want it.  This freakin' a-hole tells me she doesn't want the item FOUR days after the listing has ended.  I've been sending her freakin' invoices almost EVERY day.  Like HELLO? Then she tells me she lost her bank card and it's not "fair" to me to keep me waiting for her payment until her bank sends her new account information.  Bull-shaaat! HA, I still reported her to eBay. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Interesting things at work

Yesterday, I'm working at the clinic and I have a random walk-in patient who asks me to sell him contact lenses.  He had no prescription note with him, wanted a box of Bausch and Lomb contact lenses and just verbally tells me his prescription, so I explained to him.  I need a valid, physical prescription on a piece of paper signed off by an optometrist to sell you a box of contact lenses.  So then he asks me 'Why? In my home country, we don't need a prescription to buy contact lenses.'  OH MY GOSH! The WORST thing to be telling me is "in my HOME country".  I just smiled at him and said "Yeah, well, in CANADA, an optometrist office cannot LEGALLY sell you contact lenses WITHOUT a prescription."  Like honestly, you're living in Canada, you have rights but you also have to follow Canada's law.  How hard is that? If you're so unsatisfied by that, then go back to your home country! When he brought up his HOME country, I just could not stop smiling.  So anyways, I told him that if I sold him those contact lenses in the prescription he tells me, he's just prescribing his own prescription, now what is the purpose of an eye doctor when you can write up your own prescription? What a joke! *sigh* Oh and besides finding myself talking to an ignorant person, he didn't even KNOW what type of Bausch and Lomb contact lenses he wanted.  There are various Bausch and Lomb contact lenses but all he told me was the brand, Bausch and Lomb.  He couldn't give me specifically what type.  There was NO way I could figured out what contact lenses he wanted.  *sigh*

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Colour Contact Lenses

I know colour contact lenses have been a big hit accessory in the past few years.  I mean, even I was looking into getting a pair for myself to try.  But honestly, as attractive as colour contact lenses can make you be, medically speaking, people should be aware of the risks you are taking on when purchasing from these online vendors or putting the lenses in your eye.  These online vendors are really no different from street vendors that sell you pretty looking colour contacts.  They will NOT be reliable for your consequent eye conditions or - in severe cases - blindness if anything happens to you.

I'm bringing this issue up because I work in an eye care clinic and I'm very shocked by the amount of teenagers that walk into the clinic asking me if I sell colour contacts and they want a pair without prescriptions.  They just don't understand your eyes need to be fitted into a proper pair of contacts.  Contacts come in different sizes and thickness, not everyone's eyes are the same size so obviously, not every contact lens will be the same size.  It's not an one-size-fits-all shirt.  Colour contact lenses are really no different from plain contact lenses.  You STILL need to have an eye exam and a contact lens fitting so that the optometrist can find you a pair of contacts that sits comfortably in your eyes.  A contact lens that's too small for your eye will cause irritation.  Wearing your contacts for too long may cause dryness in the eye and always taking those eyedrops - in the long run - is NOT a good idea.  Comparatively speaking, wearing a pair of contact lenses for over 8 hours is much like covering your breathing airways with a plastic wrap and not letting you breathe.

Anyways, now that you know a little more about contact lenses, it's better to ask your optometrist or just research a bit more about them before putting your money down.

Happy New Year!

Glad we've made to year 2013! *Yay* I hope everyone who has made a resolution for the new year has been keeping up with it.
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