Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I finally have the time off from my busy working schedule to spend some time writing on my blog! Sad to say, it's not a white Christmas.   =(  But it really is the best time of the year to be giving.   =)

Review: PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (Sea Salt)

Compared to the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil that I loved, I would say this Celdie removal oil does a pretty good job.

The scent:  Smells like dish detergent.

Consistency:  Transparent liquid.  Not a thick consistency.

Application:  I find using 3 pumps covers or removes the makeup.  Massage the oil all over facial skin.  During the makeup removal process, rubbing the oil against your skin will turn the liquid, transparent oil into a milky solution.  I find it even works for the eye makeup.  Finally rinse off with water.

Packaging:  Has a removable pump stopper.  Made of plastic.  Has a pump, making the product more hygienic.

What it claims:  "PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (Sea Salt) can deeply remove skin's impurities, make-up and dead skin cells, leaving you a vivid, clear glow."

Thoughts / Results:

Like I said before, this product is comparable to Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil.  Well, besides the strong dish detergent scent.  I find it does do its job, removing all my facial makeup, including eye makeup.  It does leave a clean skin after-feel but not necessarily the 'clear glow'.

I love the packaging, specifically the pump.  I find using a pump to get the amount of product I want is more hygienic and precise.

Cost:  $10 USD @Sasa.com

Product: PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (Sea Salt)
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Does an excellent job on makeup removal

- Has a strong dish detergent scent

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh, the fun stuff at work

My manager once told me that our store has so much drama going on that we could probably air an interesting reality show.  Not only drama between the employees but also with customers.

Like today, two girls walk into the store while my manager stepped out.  They brought in two pairs of the same style of flats and explained to me they bought the flats less than 3 weeks ago.  Even though the store's return policy is 2 weeks, I asked to see the flats and the receipt.  One of the girls was doing all the talking so she pulls out the flats and shows me the rubber soles were ripped from the fabric and one of them had rubber soles split into two.  I looked at the flats and in no way were they worn just for walking.  She tells me over 3 times that they were bought less than 3 weeks ago.  I insisted on seeing the receipt and she tells me she no longer has it.  So I tell her there's nothing I can do without a receipt.  For a good 5 minutes, I was just listening to her telling me she bought those flats less than 3 weeks ago.  I had no idea what she wanted from me so I - without sugarcoating anything - asked her "What's your point? What are you trying to tell me?" She called me rude.  Ok, so she didn't understand what I was saying, I had to rephrase that for her, "What do you want me to do? What do you want from me?" ... Can you guess it? She wanted her money back or store credit.  Oh wow, how many times did she need me to tell her? I can't do anything for her without a receipt.  Then she tells me she works in retail too and she knows how it works and you can get store credit or exchange merchandise.  Right and it's because of YOUR type of people who likes to play around with this system that makes prices increase every year! So she asked me if my manager was in and I told her to come back in a bit and they can directly talk to my manager.  My manager comes back and the girls come by again speaking to my manager.  They show my manager the flats and she asks them for a receipt.  And what did my manager tell her? The same thing I told them! They try to tell my manager that retail stores allow the returning of worn merchandise without a receipt, just so the customer is satisfied.  One of the girls told my manager she works at Marshalls - seriously? Then go buy your shoes from Marshalls.  And just for the record, no, you can't return ANY merchandise to ANY store with NO receipt and NON-RESELLABLE condition, especially when you're well past the grace period.  If I wasn't working there at that moment and just an ordinary customer, I would've straight up asked her "where were YOU when you had your training at Marshalls?" If you try to cheat the system, you should at least know the rules.  Companies don't come up with return/exchange policies just so customers can violate them.

There are so many unreasonable customers out there that would probably bring back dollar store items to the dollar store to get a refund.  And don't get me wrong, I value every penny I make, it's just that I understand "you get what you pay for".

Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest update and purchases

To my dearest blog readers,
I apologize for the lack of posts and for slacking off in the past 2 months.  I've been working hard for the extra pocket money so it's been hard for me to keep my blog updated.  But now that I have two jobs, I might update my blog on dramas that happen almost everyday! A girl at one of my two jobs has been jealous of me lately and she's been making up these rumours about me -- an act of a 'bully'.  The only reason I haven't confronted her yet is because I haven't past my three-month probation.  Though my manager has told me I don't have to wait for the three months to end and I can say whatever I please.  But I'd like to secure my job status before I make a move.  And I'm super excited for the coming of November as I will step out of my shadow and show her some of my true colours.  =)  So November's update should be pretty interesting ;)

Now moving on...

Here's a few of my recent purchases that I'd like to share / recommend.

1.  Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Continental Wallet in Pretty Violet - $250 CAD

I'm absolutely lovin' this wallet.  You can keep a few cards, some bills and change.  I've been laying off the credit cards lately so I try to keep minimal cards in my wallet.
2.  Marshall purchases - $19 CAD each

The one thing I like about Marshalls and its sister companies are their uniqueness.  Shopping in there is like shopping in a large boutique store.  It may be annoying, frustrating and a lot of clothes to select from but you can find things that is unique to your style.  Their summer season clothes are on clearance and I happen to find these dresses.  I was thinking of throwing a cardigan over these, and maybe a belt.

3.  La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lips - $13 CAD

A few months ago, my lips were so dry that I had to see the doctor to figure what was wrong with me.  My doctor wrote up a prescription for a medicated cream and told me to buy this chap stick after I finish the cream.  I was skeptical about purchasing this, since the reviews on MakeUpAlley weren't that great but my lips seemed to be growing worse again so I bought this 2 weeks ago and have been applying it as often as I remember.  Luckily, it is working.  My lips are feeling hydrated, so I'm definitely writing a full review on this later.  ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: JUJU Cosmetics Vitamin C Toner and Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisturizing Milky Lotion

When summer comes, I tend to hide indoors or in the shade because I tan.  So this year, I chose to use these products to help whiten my skin and avoid a tan.  My intentions of purchasing these products was to maintain a lighter skin tone and try to diminish the appearance of my sunspots.

The scent:  Fragrance-free for both products.

Consistency:  Like any other toner, this toner is clear and liquidy.  The lotion is opaque white and somewhat liquidy.
Juju Cosmetics Vitamin C Toner

Juju Cosmetics HA Whitening and Moisturizing Milky Lotion
Application:  After cleansing the face, apply the toner using a cotton pad and follow up with the lotion.  Make sure the lotion is applied to the face and neck.

Packaging:  There is 180 mL of product in the toner bottle and 150 mL of product in the lotion bottle.  Both are snap-lid closure. 

What it claims:
Toner -
"JuJu Cosmetics Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner can whiten and moisturize skin.  Easy for skin to absorb, relaxing and calms tense skin. Softens skin. Increasing the skin's ability of keeping moist, control melanin synthesis and reduce the formation of old corneum. Skin will become transparent after use.
  • Aquamoist using Vitamin C as inducer for whitening and transparent acid for moisturizing.
  • Combining Vitamin C and Glucose can whitening skin as well as controlling melanin synthesis. Great elements for preventing and reducing wrinkles and freckles.
  • Hyaluronic acid for water balancing, avoid hydrating. Skin will become transparent, shiny and firm after continuous usage.
  • Mild and weak acid formation. Fragrance and Mineral oil free."
Lotion -
"JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisture Milky Lotion not only can it brighten skin, but also lighten black spots and melanin. Leaving you a vivid, silky smooth look."

Thoughts / Results:
I am more than half way done both bottles and I must say, they do whiten my skin.  The texture of my skin does feel soft.  I do get smooth, glowy look on my skin before makeup application in the morning.  My skin is still in the process of recovering from my "breakout" phase, so I wouldn't say my skin so soft.
I do feel it's controlled or impeded the formation of sunspots or melanin.  But I'm not sure whether it's lighten the spots because if I discontinue using it, the spots will just darken again.  So I've come to believe the toner and lotion are a temporary fix. 

Toner - $13.50 USD @Sasa.com
Lotion - $14.90 USD @Sasa.com

Product: JUJU Cosmetics Vitamin C Toner and Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisturizing Milky Lotion
Rating:  5 / 5

- Whitens skin
- Non-greasy formula
- Effects are seen in a week
- Moisturizing

- Lightening sunspots / melanin is only a temporary fix

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Drinkable collagen powder? Does this stuff really work? These were the questions I asked when I first heard of these collagen powders on the market that can be added into your drinks and help boost the collagen in the skin.  You're probably reading my review right now and thinking the same thing.  It was just unbelievable to me.  Especially when I thought about talking it internally, I was afraid of any irreversible and side effects.  After drinking this can of Meiji Amino Collagen, I can tell you it worth a try. 

The scent:  Smells like full cream milk powder.

Consistency:  Dry powder

Ingredients: Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltdextrin, vegetable fat and oil, vitamin C, Flucosamine, arginine, gelling agent, flavor, emulsifier - some ingredients may contain soybeans and gelatin.

Directions:  Using the spoon given only in the can version of the Meiji Amino Collagen, take one scoop - worth 7 grams - and mix it in water, coffee or juice.  It is one scoop of the provided spoon with a flat top, so scrape off the rounded top using the edge of the lid - as shown in the picture.

Packaging:  This product comes individually packed in sachets, a can, and a refill bag.  I bought the can version which includes the spoon that scoops out 7 g of powder.  IMO, the individual sachets are more convenient than the can.  The can comes with 28 days worth of product / scoops.

What it claims: "Collagen helps to restore skin elasticity and diminish fine lines. Therefore, replenishing generous amounts of collagen is a shortcut to maintaining a youthful appearance. Meiji Amino Collagen is made by high quality of fish collagen peptide, it contains very low calories."

Thoughts / Results:
This is probably hard to believe but this collagen drink does really work.  IMO, the results are most noticeable in the morning and after applying makeup.  My skin looks dewy in the morning without makeup.  The results are also noticeable after applying makeup as I feel the makeup doesn't cake on.  After the first day of taking the collagen drink, I noticed the change in my skin the next morning.  I take the drink first thing in the morning, mixed in a cup of homemade coffee.  This powder may be used as milk-constituent.  It contains 5000 mg of collagen and just 1.3 g of carbohydrates.  As you may or may not know, our body processes drinks faster than what we eat.  Therefore, I wasn't surprised to see the results of the collagen powder the next morning.

As for the taste, I've read others' reviews saying there is a slight fishy taste to the powder but I don't notice it.

I don't know about diminishing fine lines as I don't have any at my age nor do I notice a loss of skin elasticity, therefore I cannot comment on the two features of this collagen powder.  However, I do notice a change in my skin condition.  I feel my skin heals faster after drinking the powder.

As for the packaging, I think the pre-packaged sachets are better than the can version.  As I reach the bottom of the can, it becomes difficult to take the last two scoops.  I would've bought the refill bag since there's more product for the same price as the can but I needed the spoon.

$34.30 USD @Sasa.com

Product: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Fast absorbancy and noticeable results
- Gives me dewy skin in the morning and noticeably nicer skin during and after makeup application

- The can version of this product wasn't very convenient when I reached the last 2 or 3 days as it was hard to scoop up

Feel free to ask a question or comment on your experience. ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA

My friends and I took a trip to British Columbia last week.  We lived in Richmond, BC for the whole week we were there.  We went to a few places; sadly, we didn't go for many scenery locations. 

I took this picture over in Victoria, BC and that's me at the bottom waving at the people in the paintings on that wall. 

We took one day and drove down to Seattle, WA and did some sightseeing and shopping.  We went to the Pike Market, hoping to see how they 'throw' the fish when you make an order as we were told that's what they do; but it was apparently a lie.  There was a sign saying "no, we don't throw fish". 

Now here's my haul from my trip.  We went shopping in Seattle Premium Outlet Mall in Seattle, Robson Street and Aberdeen Centre in BC.

From Seattle Outlet, I was so happy to find a LeSportSac outlet there.  The LeSportSac bag I brought with me on the trip was getting dirty and I somehow puncture two tiny holes on the bottom.  I ended up getting a new LeSportSac backpack.  It originally retailed for $108 USD but I got it for $37.80 USD.

At Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, I went into Daiso - a store where majority of the items are $2.  It's much like Dollarama in Toronto.  Majority - if not all - of their products are made in China but their packaging are written in Japanese.  I guess it's the Japanese concept but mass produced in China.  Anyways, I bought hair accessories in Daiso.

On Robson Street, much like Queen Street in Toronto, we went into Holt Renfrew and I finally gave in and bought myself a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Josephine Wallet.  As I was talking to the sales associate at the LV counter, she told me Alberta has an even lower sales tax than both ON and BC.  Actually, it frustrates me that ON residents have to pay 13% HST on everything!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sasa.com Haul

Yay! I placed another Sasa.com order last week and received it today.  =) I'm super excited to share it with my blog readers.  Recently, I've started to notice Sasa.com has been having a lot of free shipping promotions at over $19 purchases.  Now here's mine:  

1.  Meiji Amino Collagen Can (200 g) - $34.30 USD
TBH, I've never thought of buying into this "collagen" milk powder drink.  I thought it was a marketing way of selling beauty.  BUT lately, I've been reading a lot of reviews and blogs about how it really works so I fell for it.  After reading a few reviews, majority say the taste of Meiji's Collagen drink doesn't taste the best but results are most visible with this brand.  I look forward to this! =)

2.  Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (230 ml) - $11 USD
I've trying a few brands of cleansing oils and after reading the many five-star ratings on Sasa.com, I wanted to compare this with the others I've tried.  I look forward to finding a cleansing oil that is comparable to Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil.

3.  Juju Cosmetics AquaMoist Vitamin C Toner (180 ml) - $13.50 USD
Toners are the skincare product I need lately.  Toner, such an important skin cleansing step.  The vitamin C in the toner is supposedly going to enhance the whitening effects of other skincare products - something I really need in the summer. =\

4.  PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (180 ml) - $10 USD
Just another cleansing oil product that I look forward to trying.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Is your skin dehydrated? Dehydrated skin can lead to problems like having trouble applying flawless or non-cakey foundation.  I've been using this collagen mist for around 2 months but the results of flawless makeup are immediate.  The micro-collagen in this product is processed to easily transport into the skin, enhancing skin elasticity and moisture level.  Foundation can appear cakey because the skin isn't hydrated enough and hydrating is what this collagen mist claims to do.

The scent:  Light, fresh floral scent.

Consistency:  A gel-like mist.

Application:  For an even distribution, hold and spray it 15 to 20 cm away from skin.  I tend to apply it after cleansing face or before makeup.  It is probably best applied after showering / bathing for better absorption when your pores open.

Packaging:  Seal in a plastic wrap and product dispenses via atomizer.  

What it claims: This collagen mist claims to enhance skin elasticity and moisture level.

Thoughts / Results:
IMO, I see the results immediately.  In the morning when I'm prepping my skin for makeup, 2 to 3 sprays and with a patting motion, my foundation can appear more flawless and unlikely to cake.  Most importantly, the flaky skin on my nose has diminished.  My skin looks more "luminous" or "dewy".

As we age, our skin starts to sag and lose its elasticity.  Collagen acts like "springs" in our skin.  When we're young we have a lot of collagen but as we age, they naturally "deflate".  It's even worst when you pop your pimples because you're applying too much pressure on that delicate skin of yours.  Now with this collagen mist, I feel it's done the job of enhancing moisture level.  I don't have wrinkles or fine lines so it's nearly impossible for me to determine it's effects on elasticity.  But as an act of prevention, I'd like to believe this mist will help me maintain my current skin condition.

However the downside of this product is the after feel it leaves.  It may be due to the honey in this product that it leaves the skin feeling "sticky".  Not greasy but a tiny bit sticky.  It leave a feeling much like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

Would I repurchase this product? Most likely.  I don't mind the "stickiness" and it's effectively helped hydrate my skin so I don't see why not.

Cost:  $12.70 USD (@Sasa.com)

Product:  Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Hydrates skin
- Easy application
- Hygienic

- Leaves skin feeling a tad bit sticky.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot find

It's still summer and I suppose most of you have noticed the massive sales and deals going on.  Retailers are getting rid of their summer wear to welcome the fall collection.  This is really the perfect time to pick up apparel and footwear for the next month and a half.

Today, I randomly walked into the Supercentre to spot some good deals on Joe Fresh clothing and footwear.  I ended finding these Bow Ballet Flats for $20, discounted from $50.  These were the last pair and were size 7's - my size.  =D  If you live in the GTA area, definitely check them out.  They're definitely a deal! A pair of flats that can liven my outfit.

My First Taste of Summerlicious

I have heard about Summerlicious in Toronto for many years but yesterday was my first time trying it out.  In short, over 100 restaurants participate in this Summerlicious event.  They hold three-course lunch and/or dinner menus at a price range between $15 - $45.

My friend and I went to Sassafraz for our $25 lunch.

For starter, of the three options, we both ordered the vichyssoise with lobster and truffle essence.  Served cold with a piece of lobster and a drop of truffle oil but very tasty and a little on the thicker side.

For entree, my friend ordered the pork tenderloin with roasted garlic sweet potato mash, asparagus sweet apple cider glaze.

I ordered the roasted chicken breast with doubled smoked bacon and red onion quinoa, braised leeks in natural reduction.  The quinoa was really tasty - a little on the salty side - while the chicken breast was a little on the drier side.  It tasted best with a piece of chicken with a spoon of quinoa.  Very little bits of bacon.

 For dessert, we both ordered the chocolate brownie with brandied cherry, Chantilly cream and amaretto reduction.  The brandied cherry tasted sweet, sour and bitter - from the alcohol.  The brownie tasted really heavy.  We both didn't finish the brownies and our waitress was surprised that we didn't finish it, neither did we take it to go.  As for the cream, I'm not much of a cream person.  It looked like vanilla ice cream and would probably been better than the cream.  This dessert dish was just full of carbs.

For a first time having a Summerlicious meal, this was an interesting and tasty experience.  Was it worth $25 for this meal? Honestly, I wasn't 100% satisfied.  If I ordered other entree options, I may have love it more.  But for dessert, I just wished they had more or other options.

Before I departed ways with my friend, we enjoyed Starbucks cold drinks to cool down from the hot, humid weather.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil

Makeup removal is such an important part of a skincare routine when coming home after wearing one day's worth of makeup.  Without removing makeup, your pores will be clog which leads to irritated skin and that leads to another stack load of problems.
Lately, I have been using Kanebo's Freshel Cleansing Oil.  This is the second brand of cleansing oil I've tried.  First being Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil so there will be a little comparison between the two in this review.

The scent:  Fragrance-free.  No chemical scent.

Consistency:  Thicker than water and less dense than oil.

Application:  With dry face and hands, I rub 2 to 3 pumps of the cleansing oil between my palms then onto face.  First I work in circular motion on the face than eye makeup.

Packaging:  Came in a plastic box.  The bottle has a pumping dispenser.  It also comes with a stopper.

Thoughts / Results:  Before comparing Freshel with Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil, when looked at Kanebo's Freshel Cleansing oil alone, it's an O-K makeup removing product.  Here's why, it doesn't wipe off eye makeup as easily as it claims.  According to Adambeauty.com, it can easily wipe off makeup in one go - this, I find not true.  I actually have to take time to massage my eyes in order to remove all the makeup.  On rare times, it will leave behind the mascara or eye liner.  After rinsing, I don't get a refreshing clean feel and this may be because of the olive oil base.

Now the packaging, I like how it has a stopper.  Most people would have thrown out the stopper but I actually kept it for circumstances like packing it in my gym bag or traveling bag so it won't leak or spill.

In comparison with the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, the BB one is still my first choice.  Not only do I feel that the BB one removes makeup better but it also leaves a clean, non-oily feeling after rinsing.

Cost: $82 HKD (~$15 USD @Adambeauty.com)

Product: Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil
Rating: 3 / 5

- Does wipe off majority of the makeup
- Bottle comes with pumping dispenser and a stopper

- Leaves a not-so-clean after-feeling
- Sometimes it doesn't completely and effectively remove eye makeup

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray

In the past, I didn't care much whether my makeup will melt away throughout the day.  Without setting my makeup, my makeup lasts for almost 1 hour.  However, my skin condition has change lately and a makeup setting spray can really make a difference.
Urban Decay came out with 3 makeup setting sprays - Dew Me, De-Slick and All Nighter.  I thought the first bottle I should try out should be the All Nighter as I assumed it has a longer lasting power.  Each one has a different purpose.  Dew Me is a moisturizing setting spray that is mainly for dry and combination skin individuals.  De-Slick is a oil-control makeup setting spray that is for oily skin.  And finally, the All Nighter setting spray can keep your makeup on for as long as 16 hours and good for all skin types.  The 16-hour feature is what really caught my attention and drew me to buying this one over the others.

The scent: Fresh floral scent

After applying all my makeup, I finish it with 3 - 4 spritz of the makeup setting spray.  It is important to shake it BEFORE using it.

Very fine mist.

The 4 US fl oz is a great size.  A perfect size bottle for grip for my hand and I can hold it comfortably in my hand.  

It claims:
- makeup won't budge for 16 hours
- makeup always look just-applied
- makes skin look and feel fresh all night long

Thought / Results:
Normally, this product is really amazing, in terms of setting and keeping the foundation and concealer on for hours.  But on a hot day, this makeup setting spray can't stop the sweat from melting the makeup.  Also, it's not the best product to keep blush, bronzer, eyeliner or mascara on.  

$35 CAD

Product: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Rating: 3.5 / 5

- Sets makeup
- By 10th hour, base makeup (i.e. foundation and concealer) are still intact

- Mascara and eyeliner still runs
- Bronzer and blush is pretty much gone by 10th hour

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pedaling On the Two-wheel

Nice view right? Taken with my iPhone camera of this panorama view of Lake Ontario at Ashbridge's Bay Park.  My friend lives downtown Toronto and we went biking yesterday afternoon.  I don't normally ride a bike for more than an hour and as expected, my thighs and butt are aching now.  Frankly the ride was great, definitely would go again some other day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Excessive eating

I had lunch today with some friends at an all-you-can-eat Japanese food restaurant.  I ate so much that I feel like I committed a deadly sin - gluttony.  We ate at 'Matsuda', a restaurant in a plaza at the corner of Middlefield and Steeles.  For a decent price $14, I definitely over-ate.  It's been well over 5 hours since we had lunch, my stomach is still bloated and I feel nauseous.
Whenever I go to an AYCE restaurant, my friends and I have a bad habit of saving an empty stomach.  It's a bad habit because when we order, we feel so hungry that we order more than we can actually eat.

Does that happen to you? Ordering more than you can eat?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: BioSilk Silk Therapy

This Biosilk product has been an item I've been using on and off for the past 8 or 9 years.  I'm only on my third bottle but that's because a dime-size amount is enough for my medium-length hair.      

The scent:  A chemical floral scent.  Straight from the bottle I can smell the scent of rubbing alcohol.

Consistency:  Serum.

Application:  I prefer to wash my hair prior to using this product.  I have tried it on dry hair but personally, I find it works best with wet hair.  I use roughly a dime-size amount, rub it between my hands and start applying it on the hair ends and work my way up to the roots.

Packaging:  Comes in a plastic bottle and has a press-to-open lid dispenser.

What it claims:  "BioSilk Silk Therapy is a weightless, leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types."

Thoughts / Results:
Personally, I love this product.  I've been switching back and forth with my LUSH Revive and Balance hair conditioner.  The alternating use of both products is working so well with my hair.  I don't have frizzy or dry end issues since switching back to using this serum.  However, in the past I have experienced a point where my hair got used to this product and it didn't work as well.  But after I stopped using it for a good year or so, I jumped back on the wagon and it's now working so well with my hair.  I don't feel the split or dry ends.  My hair doesn't annoyingly get into knots at the ends.

I definitely feel that this product is lightweight.  It doesn't way down my hair like the LUSH R and B hair conditioner does, when I use too much of it.  My hair feels smooth and soft, and it leaves a nice healthy shine.

This product does have a scent to it as indicated in the ingredients, the manufacturer added perfume in the product.  Personally, I don't mind the product but others who are sensitive to scents may find it strong.  However the smell does evaporate over 2 to 3 hours.

Cost: $49.50 CAD for 12 fl oz or 350 mL @Grand Treasures (Can be found in Canadian Costco - ~$29.95 for 250mL)

Product: BioSilk Silk Therapy
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Smooths and softens hair
- Leaves hair a healthy shine
- Not much is needed
- Weightless product
- Great results

- Sometimes I find the alcohol scent overpowers the perfume that the manufacturer mixed in

Monday, May 28, 2012

Arumee: Miracle Water

This past weekend, I happen to flip through the Singtao's Saturday Magazine "Trend" and saw this article featuring the Arumee skincare:


I've briefly translated the article.

Helps heal skin and has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and soothing properties.

Witch Hazel
Promotes soft skin, an anti-oxidant, constricts blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  Frequent use can treat acne / pimple wounds, neutralizes redness and helps bruises.

Aloe vera
Promotes cell physiology.  Moisturizes, tightens, converges, compacts, sterilizes and repairs skin.  Has anti-inflammatory properties.  It can stimulate blood circulation, promote metabolism, prevent wrinkles, promote fair skin, balance skin's pH level, and can effectively promote wound healing.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Balances skin's pH through the skin.  With long use, it will lock the moisture in the skin.  A great softener that moisturizes the skin with a non-greasy formula.

Can lessen allergies / sensitivities.

Green Tea Extract
Anti-inflammatory and anti-stimulant properties.  Can fight free radicals.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
A frequently used ingredient in cosmetics and oral intake products.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Gives moisturizing and soothing effects like an emulsifier.

A preservative ingredient

Alpha Hydroxy (AHA)
Minimizes wrinkles, increase metabolism, has moisturizing and exfoliating micro peeling effects.

Balances skin tone, lightens dark spots, stabilizes and fights free radicals, conditions the damage caused by the skin, enhances skin moisture and has whitening effects.

Ougon Extract
Whitening property

Hydrogenated Collagen
Maintains skin tightness and elasticity.  Allow easier absorption into the skin.

Licorice Extract
Contains anti-oxidants, enhances skin's immunity, can brighten dull skin, minimize dark spots, softens skin, balances skin tone, fights wrinkles, dark spots and free radicals.  Helps minimize the appearance of pores.

This solution can be used morning and night.  Can be sprayed onto skin or padded on with cotton pad or soaked with facial mask and left on for 10-15 minutes.  Has micro peeling effects, soften your skin, and allows skin to absorb enough water moisture.

Two products:
1.  Pro-Moist Skin Lotion, The Hydrogel Whitening Toner - known as Korean's Miracle Water
Besides balancing skin tone, it can prevent pigmentation and contains whitening properties.  It allows better nutrient absorption.  It balances the skin's pH to promote soft and healthy skin to prevent moisture loss.

2.  Pro-Moist Drink Up Pack, The Facial Mask
This mask allows skin to drink up moisture at a super speed.  It has refreshing and moisturizing effects, allowing layers of skin to absorb enough water moisture.  Enhances skin's elasticity, promote brightening effects and can be used on lips.  Effects are immediate and visible after use.

**Translation may not be exact and it is somewhat paraphase but the general idea is there.

For those who have never been familiar with Arumee, hope this helped you better understand their product line.  This article is linked to a website where these two products can be purchased, but they were selling limited quantities and now they're sold out.  But here is the website, click here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge

This product comes in three versions: light, regular and enriched.  When I bought this at the Shiseido and Nars warehouse sale, I assumed the regular Night Moisture Recharge was just right for me.  I had the thought that super hydration at night was perfect but thinking about it now, I should have gotten the light version.

The scent: It has a floral scent but doesn't smell like synthetic.  It smells more like actual flowers.

Consistency: It is a lotion that is more runny than thick.

Application:  After cleansing and toner / softener, I take two pumps of hydrating B5 serum, then apply this lotion by giving less than one pump on my palm and rubbing my palms together before patting and pressing the lotion on.

Packaging:  It has a pump dispenser.  Comes with 75 mL or 2.5 fl oz of product.

What it claims:  "A multi-action nighttime revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin while you sleep. Restores softness, smoothness, and a healthy-looking glow."

Thoughts / Results:
This product line - The Skincare - is designed for normal and combination skin which is suppose to be the right version for my skin type but I dislike the immediate greasy or sticky after-feeling.  But the sticky feeling does go away after 2 to 3 hours.  It's definitely not a lightweight lotion.  In terms of its claims, I don't feel much change in the texture of my skin.  It didn't give me a softer or smoother skin.  However after one week of using this lotion, I started noticing a slight - like very tiny - radiance in my skin the next morning.  I can't tell how it counteracts signs of daytime damage because I don't see any changes to the little sun damages on my skin.  Perhaps the change is too miniscule for me to notice.  Or maybe the daytime damage it means is your skin loses moisture during the day and this lotion is suppose to recover the dehydration damage at night. 

At first I couldn't recognize the scent of this lotion, it wasn't deterring but I just wasn't fond of it.  After maybe 3 weeks of using it, I realize it's the smell of actual flowers.  And yes, I don't like the authentic scent of flowers.

It's really easy to use up too much of this lotion, but a small amount - like half a pump - is good enough because this lotion is an intensive hydrating overnight treatment.  Too much of it will only make you feel greasy or oily and not necessary help your skin get more hydrated.

I'd say this lotion is best for normal/combination skin individuals during the winter when our skin loses the most moisture.  Well most people don't have lacking moisture problems during the summer or even you do, make sure you drink enough water to replenish your internal body moisture. 

Cost:  $55 CAD / $42.50 USD MSRP @Sephora (I bought my bottle from Shiseido and NARS warehouse sale for $30 CAD)

Product:  Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge
Rating: 3.5 / 5

- Maintains the moisture in your skin not necessary improves it
- One pump or even less is enough for the entire face
- Gives very little radiance in my skin the next morning
- No problems with milia or breakouts
- Have no problems with applying foundation; no cakiness

- Price
- Sticky / greasy after-feel
- Hydrating effects are not observable the next morning
- Not fond of the scent

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sasa.com Haul

Last week, I placed my first order from Sasa.com.  *Yay*  Since last October, I've been afraid to place online orders over $80 because of Canada customs tax.  I'm relieved my Sasa order didn't get taxed.  *phew*  I spent over $90 USD on my haul, some of which I've been meaning to purchase.

1.  Suzuran Attirer puff (120 sheets) - $1.60 USD
These cotton pads are made of 100% cotton.  I've read some good reviews on them for being inexpensive and good quality, so I thought I've give them a try.  I suppose they're similar to the Shiseido 100% cotton pads but an inexpensive version.

2.  Thursday Plantation Tea Tree medicated gel for acne (25 g) - $12.80 USD
For the past 8 months or so, I've been breaking out under my cheekbones, on the chin and forehead.  My breakout period is nearly over and my skin is clearing up, returning to its appearance a year ago.  =)  Like every girl, I really want to minimize the forming of maturing pimples; so after a bit of researching and reading up reviews, I decided to purchase this in hopes of taming my random breakouts.

3.  JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milky Lotion - $14.90 USD
It's summer and as much as I love tanning once in a while, I'd love to have backup products to whiten and brighten my skin.

4.  OMI Salanoveil SPF 50 PA+++ White UV Cut Lotion (40 mL) - $7.10 USD
This should be an interesting product to use as it has a high SPF, whitening ingredients, moisturize and re-hydrates the skin.

5.  Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Essence (30 g) - $21.10 USD

Again, a whitening product I've been meaning to purchase for its whitening effects.  Some say it works, other way it doesn't but I've have to see for myself.

6.  Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist (250 mL) - $12.70 USD
I've purchased a lot of toner lately but I've read a lot of good reviews for its effects - allowing better foundation application.  **update: this is NOT a toner.  Supposedly, this product gives skin super hydration so again, I'm looking forward to try this out.

7.  Sana Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner Ex - $11.20 USD
This last time I purchased a felt-tip liquid eyeliner, it was the MAC penultimate eyeliner and honestly, it sucked.  So I was a little iffy about purchasing another felt-tip liquid eyeliner.  I've been fine with gel and pencil eyeliners but I thought I'd give another liquid eyeliner another try since I prefer the precise and sharp line it gives.

8.  AB Mezical Double Eyelid Eyelift Fibers (60 pieces) - $12.60 USD
Looking at my past photos on here, you would see that I have double eyelids.  So why did I buy these? Well I'm starting to notice I have hooded eyes.  Apparently they can develop with age and many Asians have this issue.  So after a bit of researching online, I found out double eyelid tapes can solve that problem.  I'll probably need plenty of practise.  =\

9.  Biore Facial Foaming Whitening (100 mL) - $3.90 USD
A facial cleanser for less than $4 USD? How can I pass up on this?

10.  Nail Clipper - free gift
The only practical gift I found useful beside the lipstick pen and bookmark.

This is my first time ordering from Sasa.com.  I know there are a lot of people who have made online purchases from Sasa.com but I'm sure there are a few other people out there who aren't sure or feel iffy about ordering from them.  Well here's my experience and opinion of them:
1.  It took me a LONG time deciding to place an order.  Call me frugal but $18 USD for shipping is a bit too much.  I mean for that amount I could've purchase another product.  It was either spend $18 on shipping or spend over $100 for free shipping.  I did select standard shipping that would usually cost me $18 USD but during the time I placed my order, Sasa.com had a "buy SPF products and receive free shipping worldwide".  So I had no excuse but to take up this offer.  If you were to make a purchase from Sasa.com, I'd recommend gathering a list of things you want to purchase and just make one big order.  Otherwise, it's not worth it.

2.  I was lucky that Canadian customs didn't tax me.  I've heard people were taxed before which was another reason I hesitated on placing my order.  With my previous experiences, customs make their own estimate of the value of your package and put a 18% tax on it which makes it a hefty cost.

3.  The ETA of my package was supposedly 7 - 14 days.  I placed my order on May 14 and received it today, May 23.  Compared to Adambeauty.com, Sasa ships a little faster.

4.  They provide a tracking number and signature confirmation.  It ensure delivery confirmation.  I can use the tracking number to track the shipping progress of my parcel.  Again, a shipping option I prefer.

5.  I enjoy purchasing from Sasa since they offer lower prices and some products are not available in Canada.

6.  I love how their website has so much variety to choose from.  There are always new products.  But if you're looking or waiting for them to replenish their stock, it's a long wait.  For example, I was looking to purchase the Borghese face mask but they didn't have any in stock last week.  I visit it again today and they're still not available.

7.  In terms of packaging, they don't individually bubble wrap everything like Cosme-de.com and their box isn't a sturdy one.  There are a lot of styrofoam packaging inside.  Although nothing inside was damaged, the box itself had a rough ride across the world to my house.

8.  Website description of each product can be found in different languages based on what country and language you select.  However on the packaging, it is mostly Chinese or Japanese.  A disadvantage for those who can't read either language.

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