Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Haul

Yay! I placed another order last week and received it today.  =) I'm super excited to share it with my blog readers.  Recently, I've started to notice has been having a lot of free shipping promotions at over $19 purchases.  Now here's mine:  

1.  Meiji Amino Collagen Can (200 g) - $34.30 USD
TBH, I've never thought of buying into this "collagen" milk powder drink.  I thought it was a marketing way of selling beauty.  BUT lately, I've been reading a lot of reviews and blogs about how it really works so I fell for it.  After reading a few reviews, majority say the taste of Meiji's Collagen drink doesn't taste the best but results are most visible with this brand.  I look forward to this! =)

2.  Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (230 ml) - $11 USD
I've trying a few brands of cleansing oils and after reading the many five-star ratings on, I wanted to compare this with the others I've tried.  I look forward to finding a cleansing oil that is comparable to Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil.

3.  Juju Cosmetics AquaMoist Vitamin C Toner (180 ml) - $13.50 USD
Toners are the skincare product I need lately.  Toner, such an important skin cleansing step.  The vitamin C in the toner is supposedly going to enhance the whitening effects of other skincare products - something I really need in the summer. =\

4.  PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (180 ml) - $10 USD
Just another cleansing oil product that I look forward to trying.

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  1. looks like a great haul!

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