Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review: Jamieson Provitamina A

When I first bought this product, I was specifically looking for vitamin a cream because I heard and read up some research papers that vit a has the effect of reducing aging.  Now here's my thought:

First, the price. I bought it at my local Shoppers Drug Mart - which is widely accessible drug store in Canada. It cost me $9.99 without tax while it was on sale, as it normally retails for $17.99.  They have these sales pretty often, so you just have to wait and hunt for one.

Second, the packaging.  I threw out the box already since I bought it back in Feb 2010.  But in terms of the plastic container, as you can see, it's cracked. =( But don't worry, it's actually a container within a container that holds the cream.  I have no idea how it cracked because I have never dropped it, nor have I put it in a place where there's great pressure.  Basically, the packaging sucked.  =(

Third, the consistency and texture of the cream.  It's a liquidy lotion.  Easy to apply so you can effortlessly spread it on your skin.  Also, it's non-greasy.

Fourth, the outcome after application. Well it's a night cream. so I apply it after showering when my skin and pores are open, allowing the product to be better absorbed.  The next morning, I'd wake up to a feeling of fresh and soft skin.  The effects are pretty obvious, I could feel the difference and its effects after the first use.  It has never made me breakout.  Then again, I was a fortunate teenager: during my puberty years I've never had severe acne issues.  This product does do what it claims: improves skin texture.  But in terms of reversing or preventing signs of aging - I wouldn't know because it's nearly impossible to tell the difference.  =\  I'm 21 and wrinkle lines have yet to appear on my skin so it's not impossible for me to say this claim holds true.

Product: Jamieson ProVitamina A Retinol Renewal Night Cream - for all skin types
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- it does make my skin feel softer and fresh
- lightweight product
- non-greasy
- never made me breakout
- no animal testing =)

- plastic packaging cracked


  1. I find this stuff sooooo greasy, but maybe that's just me, though that might be because of all the glycerin in it. I find that it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't really absorb into it. I want to like it, and will probably use it until it's gone, but I feel like when I go to sleep it's just going to rub off on my pillows. When I put on other moisturizers they absorb into my skin quickly, I've done my night routine with this stuff up to 2 hours before going to bed, it hasn't soaked in. But that's just my 2 cents, maybe I'll grow to love it, but as it is. I think I'll try something else once it's done.

  2. @Anonymous: How much are you applying on your face? Do you use toner before moisturizing? I actually find the Vitamin E one by Jamieson, feels more greasy. But back to my questions, you may be applying more than needed. If you find it too greasy, try lightly dip your finger once in the cream and dot your forehead, two cheeks, nose, chin and neck with the little cream you took and rub it in your skin.
    I'm speaking in assuming you're not using toner. I highly recommend using toner because it evens out your complexion, cleanses your skin and tightens the appearance of your pores. However be careful of the type of toner you use, some contain more alcohol content which can dry out your skin. If you have oily or combination skin, toner can actually help dry out the pus in your pimple and remove oil from your skin. If you have dry skin, then I may not recommend toner for you.

    Hope this cream will work for you! =)


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