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Ever since I purchased an iPhone, I've been loving it.  I jot down notes with it, play games on it when I'm bored, taking down memories - random pictures and videos, etc etc... So here are some apps I've been using and I'd recommend.  I haven't made any app purchases on my phone and I don't plan to.  Some of these apps may be based only in Canada.

Sudoku- My best time for an easy game: 4:55
Call me a nerd but I love playing Sudoku's.  It helps train my brain to think.

Unblock Me
Another thinking game that I love.  The purpose of this game is the move around blocks in a constrained area so one specific block can move out.

Froggy Jump
One of the older games that's been around for a long time.  Before I bought an iPhone, I used to play this game on my best friend's iPhone until her battery dies.

Health Fitness / Exercise:
I was approached to give feedback on this app last year.  Voluntarily, I did and I've been using it since April 2012.  It's a pretty good app but like every app there's always room for improvement.  The purpose of this app is to give users a motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle - eating properly, watching what you eat, watching your weight, exercising regularly, etc.  As you clock in what you did that day, you gain points and those points help you level up - like a game - so in the end, you have a chance to win one of their giveaways.  Their giveaways is your motivation to continue / keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Nike Training
IMO, this is one of the best apps for people who don't always want to be on the cardio machines but don't know what other exercises to do and don't want to paid $50 per hour for a personal trainer.  Or if you don't want to pay $60 per month for a gym membership, this app offers good training workouts to do at home.  There are four different goals you get choose from: get lean, toned, strong or focused  Each one is subcategorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Next you have a list of workouts to choose from, where each is at least 30 min long.  These are intense 30 min long workouts.  They are timed for you so once you press on start, you have to start with it.  You can play whatever music you have while doing these workouts.  There are even small movie clips for you to watch how to do each workout exercise.  Honestly, these workouts are great.  The ones I've tried have gotten my heart pumping.  You can get pretty tired if you try hard.  Definitely worth a try.

Once in a while, I do my own interval training workouts and I need a handy interval timer.  This is a pretty decent one.  You can play your own music while using this app.  Though there are still some possible improvement areas.

Great app to take panorama shots of beautiful sceneries. 

YesNo Tarot
During random times of the day, when I can't make a decision - obviously not huge life decisions - I'd pull out this app to make it for me.  LOL!! A little ridiculous but fun.  =)

I like to look up people's fashion blogs and see what's trendy.  Instagram, reminds me of tumblr.

A pretty handy app to have when deciding whether to purchase a skincare or cosmetics product.

This app isn't usually free but it was free on Christmas of last year.  It's a pretty good app to communicate with family and friends not in your country or live near you.

When you're shopping or doing nothing, it's a great app to look up what are the good deals going on.

Again, another app to look up the good online deals and value packages.

App Tracker
Helps you track apps that are temporary available for free download.

Take a shot of a person and you can play makeover with that photo.

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