Friday, September 26, 2014

Update, Clarisonic Plus

I'm sorry my blog followers.  Clearly blogging hasn't been my priority for the past year or two.  I've been working a lot and getting tired too easily.  But I'd love to keep this blog as a journal, just writing about my day-to-day life's ups and downs experiences.

First, I'm a little excited to talk about my purchase of the Clarisonic Plus system I did during the summer.  So a few months ago, I stopped by one of my local Shoppers Drug Mart - a drug store with a luxury beauty department and while browsing, I realized they started to carry the Clarisonic systems.  My Clarisonic Classic was still working at the time, so it didn't really matter to me that Shoppers sold it.  But coincidentally, my charging base stopped working one day so I called up Clarisonic and they couldn't do anything about it since it was over the warranty period.  So I wanted to get the charging base, and I did consider purchasing it on website.  But honestly, the base costs $50 USD and with shipping and handling on top of that it'll probably come to over $70 CAD equivalent.  So I decided to look into purchasing a brand new Clarisonic Plus which then came to my mind that I could buy it from Shoppers and redeem my points.  Now you might be thinking I'm just saving a few bucks from redeeming my points, but coincidentally, Shoppers have been promoting their Senior's Day 20% off on Thursday.  Depending on the store, the age to be considered a senior varies and it happened to be 60 years of age for my local Shoppers.  Now, here's when my mom - mind you, who is a senior - comes into play.  I had my mom pay for the Clarisonic Plus.  The system originally costs $265 before tax, with 20% off and $85 worth redemption points, my Clarisonic ended costing around $150 CAD after tax.  Awesome right?

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