Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Haul: From Hong Kong

My mom and brother just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and they got me most of the things I requested on my wish list.  =)

First my mom got me two bottles of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift.  This cream is suppose to contour your face and with proper application and massaging techniques, it minimizes your baby fat or chubby cheeks.  I read in the newspaper that it works very well.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find it at the Clarins counter in The Bay so I asked my mom to look for it in Hong Kong.

Next, I asked for eye masks and she got me Yumei eye masks.  I have no idea how well these work, but one box has six eye masks in total.

I also asked for a nice looking shoulder bag and/or sling purse.  So my mom went to a department store in Hong Kong and asked what kind of bag is trendy for girls in their 20s and this is what she got me.  I'm loving this bag.  It's made in Italy and made of genuine suede leather.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Haul: Lisa's Cosmetics

1380 Rodick Rd
November 20-23, 26-29 and Dec 3-6
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 10AM - 6PM
Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 10AM - 8PM

This past Saturday, I went to Lisa's Cosmetics first day sale.  I didn't get there until 12ish. And it was the longest Lisa's Cosmetics first day sale I've been to.  And I swear I'm never going to sale during the winter or on a cold day again! This sale is becoming more and more popular and I started lining up pretty late into the day and had to wait 2.5 hours in line.  I didn't dress properly for that day.  =( Worst thing is I didn't get the perfume in full size that I really wanted.  I may have to make another trip there later this month.

Here's my haul:
Yummmm. Swiss made Chocolate and Lindt Peppermint Dark Chocolate
Yes, I am a chocolate-holic.  I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  I was super happy when the sale was selling my favourite kinds of chocolate.  You might be thinking: "umm, it's just Cadbury Dairy Milk, you can get that at any grocery or convenient store".  The sale sells Cadbury Dairy Milk made in the UK, which I prefer because I think it tastes better than the ones made here.

I bought 3 travel-sized tubes of Smashbox PhotoFinish Foundation Primers - 2 for myself and 1 for my best friend.  This is the oil-free version.  I think this primer is great, it works very well for me.  It retails for $25 CAD per tube @Sephora, but they were selling it for $6.99 CAD.  So yes, this was a great deal! =)

Then I was so happy to see the Lancome Bifacil travel-sized (1.7 fl oz or 50 mL).  I personally think this is a great eye makeup remover, but I just use it up so fast! My first and only full-sized bottle I got from The Bay for $34 CAD which I thought was really pricey.  So when I saw travel size version at the sale, I stocked up.  =)  Each bottle cost me $1.99 CAD.  So if I calculate how much small bottles is equivalent to a large one, 2.5 small bottles = 1 full size bottle = $4.92 CAD as opposed to $34 CAD for the same amount of product.  Score! =)

Next up, I got a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Ceramid Purifying Toner for my mom.  It cost me $15 CAD but retails for $27 USD, so I suppose if it was in CAD, it'd cost more.

Then I got myself 2 roller perfumes of Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy.  Unfortunately, the sales told me they were sold out of the full-sized bottles.  I had to compensate with the roller ones.  They cost me $7.99 CAD each but retail for $22 CAD $20 CAD.  They also had Couture Couture and Juicy Couture perfumes, but Couture Couture sold out right before my eyes and Juicy Couture was just not my scent.  So I'll have to go back to the sale to check up on Viva la Juicy eau de parfum.

I bought a package of 3 La Cross brow shaper stencils.  I'm thinking about changing my eyebrow shape, so I thought I'd give this a try.  I bought this for $0.99 CAD, and I have no idea how much it retails for.

Then I bought 2 Borghese nail polishes, each for $1.49 CAD.  I think they normally retail for $8.99 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart.  They were selling Sally Hansen nail polishes for $0.99 each, but none of the colours really attracted me.  =(

Totalling everything up, I spent $137.28 CAD.  I bought some things for my brother and mom.  And I think they overcharged me 2 dollars on some things.  

Anyways, if you haven't gone to check out their sweet deals that will save you tons from retail store, you better go! I'd advise you to go during weekdays as there was less people, meaning no long line ups!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville

What a gloomy day. 
Even with the little sunlight, I was able to take some decent lighting photos with my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville.

Before makeup

With Deauville foundation on

With the rest of my makeup on. And a little mascara boo-boo on my nose bridge. =|
I didn't need to wear concealer to cover my dark circles.  Like I said before, Deauville is a little too light on my skin.  I think either Fiji or Ceylan would have worked better.  However, I could fix this problem using bronzer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville

This isn't a review, but just a blurb.  I am absolutely lovin' this foundation.  I used my MAC 187 and stippled it on and I'm lovin' the way it settles and blends into my skin.  Problem is, it's a little light.  I had to blend it down my neck.  I could pull this off during the winter, but probably not so much during the summer.  =|  I'll post a picture of me with the foundation on, tomorrow, using the sun light as my lighting.
I'll review this in a week or so.  I need to test its lasting power.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming up: MAC Warehouse Sale

Hey ladies and gentlemen, another MAC warehouse sale is coming up, so if you know someone who can land their hands on a ticket, you better get one soon.

As I have probably not thoroughly talked about MAC warehouse sales before, well here's a detailed post with info you will probably want to know before going so that you're prepared - if it's your first time going.

What brands do they have there?
MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Origins, Clinique and some other brands that aren't popping up in my head right now - but don't worry, they're nothing you'll miss out on.

When is it?
December 3 - 5, 2010
Friday: 10AM - 8PM
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 9AM - 5PM

Where is it?
@Markham Fairgrounds
10801 McCowan Rd
Markham, Ontario, Canada

What's it like inside?
It's a big storage/warehouse-looking building with 4 big rooms.
- 1st room is entrance where people line up.  This is where the employers check your ticket.
- 2nd room is where they sell fragrance, a few MAC limited edition brush sets, MAC gift sets - whether it be lippies or face powder or eye shadows, some face cleansers, some face creams, makeup bags, concealers, nail polishes, eye brow/liner pencil, eye shadow palettes and sometimes brush cleansers.
- 3rd room is the foundations, primers, a little more perfume, eye shadows, a few individual limited edition and discontinued brushes, brush sets, cleansers, toners, cleansing oils, fix+, exfoliators, basically skincare products
- 4th room is the $3-bin-travel-sized products (mascara, false eyelashes, lip gloss, fix+, cleansing oil, eye shadow with just the pan, and more), lip stick/gloss, face powders, a table for people to put back items they don't want, line up to pay, some random trinkets, and by the cash they have random products every time.  For example, by the cash, last time they had Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil and some Clinique Men Aftershave set.  They change it up at every sale, so there's no specific product there.  Finally, after you pass the cash registers, you hand your ticket to an employee at the table to get a free gift.  Each ticket gets one free gift and it's different at each sale.  Then before you leave, there's the charity bags.  Charity bags are random as well.  They do have a display for you to see what MAC products are in the charity bags, so you can decide whether you want it or not.  I believe you have to pay cash for the charity bags, I don't recall there being credit cards and/or debit cards accepted for that.  Also, there is no tax on charity bags.

How does it work in there?
They have tables set up with items out for you to swatch, along with a product # associated with the product.  They provide you paper and pencil at the tables to write down the product #s you want.  Then you line up, hand them your slip of paper, so they can grab what you wrote down, bag it and hand it over to you.  Please note, they are humans, they make mistakes.  Make sure you check everything you want is in there.  Also, everything must be bagged.  They bag it and write the amount it costs and how many items you have.  If you don't ask them to bag it, take it and go, they'll ask you to go back and bag it when you're at the cash.  And that's a pain because the line at the cash is a long one.

What to bring?
Besides cash/debit card/credit card, I'd advice you to bring pen, calculator (if you can't do mental math) and makeup remover towelettes.
  1. Bring a pen because you probably don't have time to fight over a pen/pencil on the tables.
  2. Bring a calculator because if you're on a budget, you might want to start calculating how much you're spending before you line up at the cash.  It just might not be a great idea to start realizing how much you've spent when you're at the cash register looking at the triple digits and it takes your breathe away.  Because trust me, makeup can sometimes carry our minds away, especially when you're buying it at a cheaper cost.  Also, even if you're not on a budget, because there's just so many people there, the cashiers may or may not charge you more by accident.  So it's best for you to calculate ahead of time so you know you're paying the correct expected amount.
  3. Bring makeup remover towelettes because if you're swatching so often, the colours probably won't look right.
Any other advice?
  1. When you get your bag of goodies, somehow check to make sure there is product in the package. 
  2. Be there early, not on time because on time is not good enough.  I recommend at least 1 hour early.  Because MAC warehouse sales are becoming more and more popular over the years, you may miss out on the goodies as they do not restock throughout the day!
  3. Go with a friend and line up for each other at different tables to save time.  Because as you're lining up, that product you're wishing to get may have ran out of stock.
  4. When you first enter the sale, get one person to line up and grab everything you need at the $3 bins section.  Things are easily gone if you save this area for last.
  5. If you're interested in MAC Prep and Prime products, line up in the foundations area for that.  They run out of that stuff really fast as well.
  6. There are limitations to how many you can purchase of a product/item, read your ticket to find out more, but I doubt you'll be stocking up. 
  7. Pick up McDonald's breakfast or Timmies before lining up.  Last time, a girl passed out and they had to call an ambulance.
  8. **Update: You may want to reconsider purchasing paint pots from MAC sales, why? Because you risk buying dried up paint pots.  You may or may not revive the paint pot, but what good is a dried up product right? So think twice before purchasing OR if you're skilled enough, open the packaging in the bag to see if the product is dried up.  I'll post a blurb on how to revive your paint pots.
This would be all.  If you're going, I hope reading my long blurb will help you make it a happy and fun trip with everything you want.  Unfortunately, I won't be going to this one.  I've spent way too much this year on makeup.  I am still on a money diet.  And plus, I have enough makeup to last me a long time.  =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update: Shiseido Warehouse Sale

I'm home, settled and can upload these pictures.  I didn't take pictures inside as I was a little distracted and busy.  Plus, it's kind of crowded in there.  I took this picture (above) when I was leaving, which was well past 11AM.  This may not have captured the idea of "a lot of people" but trust me, it's a long line.  I'd say the last person standing in that line probably had to wait ~2.5 hrs to get in.

At the last sale, I bought the "Stay Soft" shampoo and conditioner.  For its price, I'd say they were worth it.  I mean they were $5 per bottle - which are each 1 L.  Except for that one in the middle, it's 500mL and cost $3.  Like a set of bottles can lasting me around 6 months each.

Here are the real goodies.  Yes, I know, not alot.  The most expensive thing I bought at this sale was the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream for $35 CAD.  I really had no choice but to make this purchase.  It's winter and I need a moisturizing cream.  I was considering the Dior Hydralife, but that would cost me ~$65 CAD @Sephora.  =S

I bought the eyeshadow quad for my friend and that cost me $8 CAD.  It's called Silky Eye Shadow Quad in Q12 Wood Tones and retails @The Bay and @Sephora for $45 CAD.  So look at that! I saved $37! =)  My friend doesn't know how to apply eye shadow, so I decided to choose something neutral for her.  The only downside is that it didn't come with a box, just came with the applicators.

I got the Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in H6 Violet Visions for $6 CAD.  And it normally retails for $28 CAD.  =D  No box.  They also had H7 Green Exotique and I swear I stood at the table for a good 10 minutes debating whether I should spend $6 on it but reality woke me up and told me I will most likely not going to wear a green like that.

I got a Shiseido cream eyeliner for $11 CAD.  It came with a mini angled brush.  Retails for $28 CAD.

Now the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville.  It cost $14 CAD but retails for $55 CAD.  And yes, I scored another amazing deal! =D The downside of this was Deauville was the ONLY Sheer Glow/Matte Foundation and it is two shades lighter than my skintone.  Though it was the last one, so I really didn't care and just picked it up anyways.  I can mix this with other foundations I have or use a darker setting powder.  The colours they had in the Sheer Glow/Matte lines were Mont Blanc, Santa Fe, Gobi and Punjab. 

NARS Eyebrow Pencil.  I got this for $6 CAD.  It retails for $25 CAD.  I wasn't too sure whether I should buy it.  I've never used an eyebrow pencil as my eyebrows aren't thinned out, nor are they bushy.  I give them a trim and touch-up once in awhile.  And once a year, I get them done @Colour Visage.

Next up is the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam that cost me $23 CAD.  It retails for ~$49 CAD.  It's a discontinued product.  Now they carry an enhanced version called Shiseido Brightening Cleansing Foam W.

Finally, I bought a discontinued NARS Bronzer in Heat.  It cost $14 CAD but retailed for $38 CAD.  I liked it because it doesn't have any shimmer.  They had Irresistiblement there as well.  But I didn't like it, it was way to light and a little too shimmery for my liking.  They also had NARS Duo Blush/Bronzer, but I'm not a big fan of the blush in Orgasm nor do I like Deep Throat.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading and if I go next time, I hope I've given you enough temptation to go to the next Shiseido trip! =) *smirk* LOL

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shiseido Warehouse Sale

OK, so I'm back from the Shiseido Warehouse sale and now I can tell you how awesome my trip there was.  I took a picture of the line up before I left the premises.  But because I'm not @home right now, here's my quick update.  They were carrying NARS Sheer Glow and Matte Foundation but in limited quantity and colour.  HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to pick up a Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville - last one by the way! =)  And that just cost me $14 excluding tax.  And guess what? This trip didn't cost me an arm and a leg afterall! I spent $145 CAD before tax, totaling up to $163.85 CAD after tax - crazy 13% tax.  =)

I started lining up before 8 in the morning and learning from my past experience, I picked up McDonald's on my way to the sale.  The sale doesn't start until 9 so I sat down on the cement while cracking open the McDonald's breakfast.  While waiting the 1.5 hrs, I brought some entertainment and re-watched Shrek. =D  ... When I finally got in, I took 1.5 hrs to do my shopping and spent a lot less than my first trip there.  Pretty good eh? =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming Up: Shiseido Warehouse Sale

Since I don't have access to the invitations, I'll be lining up early on the Saturday morning.

A little about their deals:
They have quite a few things there.  Last time they had NARS duo blush and bronzer, eyeshadows and palette sets.  They had quite a bit of Shiseido skincare, but no sunscreen products left.  The downside about their skincare deals.  It's not really much of a deal when they're ~10-15% off.  I was kind of looking forward to at least 50% like the MAC warehouse sales.  They carried Orlane products, some random perfume, shampoo and conditioner (really cheap like Joico for $5 per bottle when they retail for ~$10 per bottle).

Overall, if it's your first time going, you've got to be careful of overspending.  It's super easy to overspend!
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