Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Haul

Yay! I placed another order last week and received it today.  =) I'm super excited to share it with my blog readers.  Recently, I've started to notice has been having a lot of free shipping promotions at over $19 purchases.  Now here's mine:  

1.  Meiji Amino Collagen Can (200 g) - $34.30 USD
TBH, I've never thought of buying into this "collagen" milk powder drink.  I thought it was a marketing way of selling beauty.  BUT lately, I've been reading a lot of reviews and blogs about how it really works so I fell for it.  After reading a few reviews, majority say the taste of Meiji's Collagen drink doesn't taste the best but results are most visible with this brand.  I look forward to this! =)

2.  Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (230 ml) - $11 USD
I've trying a few brands of cleansing oils and after reading the many five-star ratings on, I wanted to compare this with the others I've tried.  I look forward to finding a cleansing oil that is comparable to Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil.

3.  Juju Cosmetics AquaMoist Vitamin C Toner (180 ml) - $13.50 USD
Toners are the skincare product I need lately.  Toner, such an important skin cleansing step.  The vitamin C in the toner is supposedly going to enhance the whitening effects of other skincare products - something I really need in the summer. =\

4.  PDC Celdie Make Up Removal Oil (180 ml) - $10 USD
Just another cleansing oil product that I look forward to trying.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Is your skin dehydrated? Dehydrated skin can lead to problems like having trouble applying flawless or non-cakey foundation.  I've been using this collagen mist for around 2 months but the results of flawless makeup are immediate.  The micro-collagen in this product is processed to easily transport into the skin, enhancing skin elasticity and moisture level.  Foundation can appear cakey because the skin isn't hydrated enough and hydrating is what this collagen mist claims to do.

The scent:  Light, fresh floral scent.

Consistency:  A gel-like mist.

Application:  For an even distribution, hold and spray it 15 to 20 cm away from skin.  I tend to apply it after cleansing face or before makeup.  It is probably best applied after showering / bathing for better absorption when your pores open.

Packaging:  Seal in a plastic wrap and product dispenses via atomizer.  

What it claims: This collagen mist claims to enhance skin elasticity and moisture level.

Thoughts / Results:
IMO, I see the results immediately.  In the morning when I'm prepping my skin for makeup, 2 to 3 sprays and with a patting motion, my foundation can appear more flawless and unlikely to cake.  Most importantly, the flaky skin on my nose has diminished.  My skin looks more "luminous" or "dewy".

As we age, our skin starts to sag and lose its elasticity.  Collagen acts like "springs" in our skin.  When we're young we have a lot of collagen but as we age, they naturally "deflate".  It's even worst when you pop your pimples because you're applying too much pressure on that delicate skin of yours.  Now with this collagen mist, I feel it's done the job of enhancing moisture level.  I don't have wrinkles or fine lines so it's nearly impossible for me to determine it's effects on elasticity.  But as an act of prevention, I'd like to believe this mist will help me maintain my current skin condition.

However the downside of this product is the after feel it leaves.  It may be due to the honey in this product that it leaves the skin feeling "sticky".  Not greasy but a tiny bit sticky.  It leave a feeling much like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

Would I repurchase this product? Most likely.  I don't mind the "stickiness" and it's effectively helped hydrate my skin so I don't see why not.

Cost:  $12.70 USD (

Product:  Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Hydrates skin
- Easy application
- Hygienic

- Leaves skin feeling a tad bit sticky.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot find

It's still summer and I suppose most of you have noticed the massive sales and deals going on.  Retailers are getting rid of their summer wear to welcome the fall collection.  This is really the perfect time to pick up apparel and footwear for the next month and a half.

Today, I randomly walked into the Supercentre to spot some good deals on Joe Fresh clothing and footwear.  I ended finding these Bow Ballet Flats for $20, discounted from $50.  These were the last pair and were size 7's - my size.  =D  If you live in the GTA area, definitely check them out.  They're definitely a deal! A pair of flats that can liven my outfit.

My First Taste of Summerlicious

I have heard about Summerlicious in Toronto for many years but yesterday was my first time trying it out.  In short, over 100 restaurants participate in this Summerlicious event.  They hold three-course lunch and/or dinner menus at a price range between $15 - $45.

My friend and I went to Sassafraz for our $25 lunch.

For starter, of the three options, we both ordered the vichyssoise with lobster and truffle essence.  Served cold with a piece of lobster and a drop of truffle oil but very tasty and a little on the thicker side.

For entree, my friend ordered the pork tenderloin with roasted garlic sweet potato mash, asparagus sweet apple cider glaze.

I ordered the roasted chicken breast with doubled smoked bacon and red onion quinoa, braised leeks in natural reduction.  The quinoa was really tasty - a little on the salty side - while the chicken breast was a little on the drier side.  It tasted best with a piece of chicken with a spoon of quinoa.  Very little bits of bacon.

 For dessert, we both ordered the chocolate brownie with brandied cherry, Chantilly cream and amaretto reduction.  The brandied cherry tasted sweet, sour and bitter - from the alcohol.  The brownie tasted really heavy.  We both didn't finish the brownies and our waitress was surprised that we didn't finish it, neither did we take it to go.  As for the cream, I'm not much of a cream person.  It looked like vanilla ice cream and would probably been better than the cream.  This dessert dish was just full of carbs.

For a first time having a Summerlicious meal, this was an interesting and tasty experience.  Was it worth $25 for this meal? Honestly, I wasn't 100% satisfied.  If I ordered other entree options, I may have love it more.  But for dessert, I just wished they had more or other options.

Before I departed ways with my friend, we enjoyed Starbucks cold drinks to cool down from the hot, humid weather.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil

Makeup removal is such an important part of a skincare routine when coming home after wearing one day's worth of makeup.  Without removing makeup, your pores will be clog which leads to irritated skin and that leads to another stack load of problems.
Lately, I have been using Kanebo's Freshel Cleansing Oil.  This is the second brand of cleansing oil I've tried.  First being Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil so there will be a little comparison between the two in this review.

The scent:  Fragrance-free.  No chemical scent.

Consistency:  Thicker than water and less dense than oil.

Application:  With dry face and hands, I rub 2 to 3 pumps of the cleansing oil between my palms then onto face.  First I work in circular motion on the face than eye makeup.

Packaging:  Came in a plastic box.  The bottle has a pumping dispenser.  It also comes with a stopper.

Thoughts / Results:  Before comparing Freshel with Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil, when looked at Kanebo's Freshel Cleansing oil alone, it's an O-K makeup removing product.  Here's why, it doesn't wipe off eye makeup as easily as it claims.  According to, it can easily wipe off makeup in one go - this, I find not true.  I actually have to take time to massage my eyes in order to remove all the makeup.  On rare times, it will leave behind the mascara or eye liner.  After rinsing, I don't get a refreshing clean feel and this may be because of the olive oil base.

Now the packaging, I like how it has a stopper.  Most people would have thrown out the stopper but I actually kept it for circumstances like packing it in my gym bag or traveling bag so it won't leak or spill.

In comparison with the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, the BB one is still my first choice.  Not only do I feel that the BB one removes makeup better but it also leaves a clean, non-oily feeling after rinsing.

Cost: $82 HKD (~$15 USD

Product: Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil
Rating: 3 / 5

- Does wipe off majority of the makeup
- Bottle comes with pumping dispenser and a stopper

- Leaves a not-so-clean after-feeling
- Sometimes it doesn't completely and effectively remove eye makeup

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray

In the past, I didn't care much whether my makeup will melt away throughout the day.  Without setting my makeup, my makeup lasts for almost 1 hour.  However, my skin condition has change lately and a makeup setting spray can really make a difference.
Urban Decay came out with 3 makeup setting sprays - Dew Me, De-Slick and All Nighter.  I thought the first bottle I should try out should be the All Nighter as I assumed it has a longer lasting power.  Each one has a different purpose.  Dew Me is a moisturizing setting spray that is mainly for dry and combination skin individuals.  De-Slick is a oil-control makeup setting spray that is for oily skin.  And finally, the All Nighter setting spray can keep your makeup on for as long as 16 hours and good for all skin types.  The 16-hour feature is what really caught my attention and drew me to buying this one over the others.

The scent: Fresh floral scent

After applying all my makeup, I finish it with 3 - 4 spritz of the makeup setting spray.  It is important to shake it BEFORE using it.

Very fine mist.

The 4 US fl oz is a great size.  A perfect size bottle for grip for my hand and I can hold it comfortably in my hand.  

It claims:
- makeup won't budge for 16 hours
- makeup always look just-applied
- makes skin look and feel fresh all night long

Thought / Results:
Normally, this product is really amazing, in terms of setting and keeping the foundation and concealer on for hours.  But on a hot day, this makeup setting spray can't stop the sweat from melting the makeup.  Also, it's not the best product to keep blush, bronzer, eyeliner or mascara on.  

$35 CAD

Product: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Rating: 3.5 / 5

- Sets makeup
- By 10th hour, base makeup (i.e. foundation and concealer) are still intact

- Mascara and eyeliner still runs
- Bronzer and blush is pretty much gone by 10th hour
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