Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

I bought this deep hair masque as part of a gift set back in May (haul post) and have been using it on average twice a week.  Now I pretty much have half a tub left but that's because I use a generous amount every time.

The consistency:
It's thick but not as thick as regular hair conditioners.

The scent:
Smells fruity and reminds me of candy.  The scent is pretty strong when applying it and after you rinsing it out.  It could last over a day in your hair though, so if you don't like the scent, then you might not like the scent lasting too long in your hair.

I've tried applying it with heat and without heat.  The instructions say that heat is not required but personally, I think applying heat works better.  Basically, every other time I go to the gym and if I have time to spare, I'd leave the masque in my hair after shampoo and conditioning, hop in the sauna for 7 minutes and rinse it out after.

What is claims to do:
"Our Macadamia and Argan oils combine with tea tree and chamomile oils, aloe and algae extracts to produce miracle-like hair rejuvenation."

I wouldn't say this deep masque can do wonders nor can it miraculously revive my hair but it does noticeably tame down the frizzes after a few uses - so not on the first try.  Though you can feel a difference after the first use.  So if you're unsure of the product and don't want to splurge out the $28 CAD for the 250mL tub, I'd recommend on buying the sample package.  I believe they're still a bit pricey - $4.99 - but better than spending $28 to know it doesn't work for you.  Also, it looks to me that the ends of my hair seem less like straws of hay.  It still looks a bit dry but not as bad.  It does give the smooth, soft hair feeling.

Product: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
Rating: 3.5 / 5

- Gives the smooth, soft hair touch
- Tames down frizzes
- Fruity scent

- Cannot achieve the desirable results
- Still leaves ends of hair look and feel a bit dry after using half the tub
- Pricey for the minimal results

Latest Update

I haven't updated myself on here for awhile but no worries, I'm still here, just been a little busy and a bit lazy - haha.  For one, I hung out with some of my high school friends last week's Wednesday.  We had lunch in Toronto at Aji Sai Japanese Food Restaurant to try out their All-You-Can-Eat lunch.  There were quite a few people there, probably because of their lunch special for $12.99 CAD and most of their customers are most likely university students.  This was pretty much our order, but keep in mind there were just 3 of us (girls).  The food was decent.  I prefer the Dragon Rolls over the rest of the stuff we ordered.  Unfortunately, all their rice were warm rather than cool.  =( Haha, not trying to do a review but just wanted to share my experience in case any one of you Torontonians want to try it out.  I tend to look up places to try on ever since I discovered that site, to find good places to try out.  If you've got some good similar sites, comment below and share!!! =)  But anyways, have you ever been Aji Sai? What'd you think?

On last week's Friday and Saturday, Markham held their Night It Up! night market.  I wish I had my camera but too bad I didn't.  But it was busy, especially Friday! It was packed like sardines at some point in the night.  Haha we messed up a few times on both nights on people's orders and one of the guys got pissed off waiting for his food =\ . Honestly, when you're at a night market where you have to line up EVERYWHERE for food, you can't really complain about waiting too long.  Anyways, if you want to see a full-of-spirit Asian night and you don't mind the wait, definitely check out next year's night market.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Arumee Pro-Moist Skin Lotion

I've got 3 or 4 times left to use this lotion before it's finished.  Even though it's printed as a lotion on the bottle, I don't quite think it's a lotion.  More like a softener, like the Shiseido softener.  I've had this for around 3 years and I didn't start using this until January of this year.  My mom got this from Hong Kong so it's not brand you can find in Canada.  It's a Korean brand.  I've tried eBaying it but doesn't seem anyone is carrying it there. 

I have a few other products by this brand, and whether I combine or use them individually, I find they work really well.  It doesn't irritate my skin or cause random breakouts.  But the thing I don't like about this brand is its packaging.  I have their moisturizer lotion and both their bottles are made of glass.  Therefore it's heavy packaging.  Not that I've purposely throw around my bottles to see if they'll break, but the glasses are pretty durable.

After using my usual toner, I apply this lotion on with a cotton pad

Very liquidy.  It looks clear and feels slightly thicker than water.

Refreshing floral, non-irritating scent.

What it claims:
"ARUMEE Pro-Moist Line enables us to cherish clear and bright skin."

I pretty much agree with what they claim their product does.  On my days where my hormones aren't out of whack, I find this product does clear and brighten my skin.  Not whiten my skin, just brighten.  I've been using this product after applying Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener and this product still achieves that "clear and bright skin" effect.  I can tell it doesn't whiten because I have a few sunspots around my eyes and they haven't disappeared or lighten, so evidently this line doesn't diminish sunspots.  =( I wish it did.  I find this product not irritating to the skin like the other toners or softeners out there.  It does have alcohol content in there but it doesn't sting when applied on pimple wounds - yes I do sometimes irresistibly pick / pop my pimples.
Another good thing about this product is it's moisturizing properties.  Unlike other toners or softeners out there, because it's summer and my skin tends to get oily, I've tried stopping my moisturizing routine.  So basically, I apply the Shiseido softener and this Arumee lotion and that's it.  Without a moisturizer, I find my skin doesn't get dehydrated.  My skin still feels soft.  To me, this product works quite well.  It will sadly be missed after I finished this bottle.

Product: Arumee Pro-Moist Skin Lotion
Rating: 5 / 5

- Moisturizing even with applying moisturizer
- Does keep skin clear
- Does brighten skin

- Is not a paraben-free product
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