Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haul: Shoppers Drug Mart

Yes, I have yet another haul.  I've been wanting to try out Anna Sui's foundation for a good few months.  LOL funny how I've had Dior foundation on my wishlist for a long time but never got around to buying it.  But I justified myself for buying this Anna Sui foundation because Shoppers Drug Mart (drugstore in Canada) had two promos going on - (1) spend $50 or more and receive either 20x the optimum points or $20 SDM gift card; (2) spend minimum $60 on Anna Sui products to get a gift.  So I ended up getting, just two things so I'd qualify for the GWP (gift with purchase).  I got the Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation in P05 and Lip Rouge G in 700, which reminds me of MAC's Creme D'Nude.  I was a little disappointed in their GWP, which was a purple fabric bag, nothing too outstanding.  However, the sales did give me two mini perfume samples.  I've never tested their fragrance before but I am super surprised how nice they smelt.  Personally, I think the scents weren't too strong which I love - now I may have a replacement for my Juicy Couture perfume.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Almost Midnight and I'm....

So I just got out of the shower and now I'm finally trying out my Yumei eye masks.  Hmm, I've had it on for a good 10 minutes already and I'm getting a tingly and minty feeling.  I forgot to take a before picture =(, but I guess I can compare myself with after-pictures with the pictures I took yesterday.

I look weird eh?
Speaking of masks, I've been doing research on masks that could minimize the number of pimples on my chin.  I hate chin pimples, they hurt! Actually, they don't hurt as much as the ones right between my nose and lips. I'm not sure whether I should get masks or a jar of Oronine Ointment. I used to have a jar of it but it expired =(. And I mean "used to" as in more than 10 years ago, when I was still in elementary school.  So I googled this product, read some reviews and apparently it works wonders on acne, bug bites, wounds, etc.  I'm really considering on getting this, but I have a feeling it'll be hard to find in Toronto, compared to eBay.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Looking for Korean Makeup?

I'm not too familiar with too many Korean makeup and skincare brands, but I recently went to a Korean makeup and skincare shop that carried Missha, Dr. Jart, SKIN79, etc. I was intentionally looking for Lioele's eyebrow pencil but the sales told me they didn't carry that brand. Then she gave me a sample of Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream with SPF 25PA++ in No. 23 to try out, which I will use in my following first post on FOTD look. I can't really review it as it's a sample and I can't quite compare its anti-wrinkling effect.  However I can tell you that it does do what it claims on other things like medium-to-full coverage, brightening, long-lasting and evens out complexion. There is a very light scent to it, not a bad one.

The sales spoke Korean and English, so I'd assume her products are authentic and from Korea.  For Torontonians, if you don't feel comfortable purchasing Korean makeup and skincare from eBay, you can definitely check out this store. They have testers out for you to swatch the different kinds of BB cream they have.  I was considering on trying the SKIN79 Super Plus BB cream but I thought I should do some research and read some reviews on it before making my purchase.

Store location:
inside New Century Plaza
Beauty Credit
398 Ferrier St
Markham, ON

**Thanks to Joan for updating me on the name of the Korean beauty shop.  There is a big dollar store in the basement of New Century Plaza and the location of this Korea store is just up and in front of the stairs. 
Clearly, the BB cream has covered my red blood vessels on my face, partially covered the recent pimples I have on my chin and my dark circles.  It's brightened my complexion. My face looks a little dull and not flushed in the before picture compared to the after picture. Therefore it does give a dewy glow finish.

Haul: Boots

Winter is ending soon and guess what? Boots are on sale! Well, maybe not many sizes available anymore BUT you can still give it a shot and look around for some deals that MAYBE you'll come upon a pair of boots you'll love. A two weeks ago, I originally went shopping @Winners (TJMaxx equivalent) for a bottle of CHI heat protectant but instead, I found a pair of boots on clearance.  =) Which were these Steve Madden:

I wanted knee boots ever since I saw a girl @my gym with similar boots but hers were in black.  And What I like about these is the elastic on the back:
I love them even more because there's a 1 inch heel to them.  And I could easily match some of my clothes with them. These cost me $45 CAD + tax @Winners.

Then about last week, I went back to Winners just to shop around and see what other deals I could find. And I came upon these furry knee boots:

My eyes landed on these and I quickly snatched them =). LOL There were such a steal deal! I got these for $36 CAD + tax.  They're more of an Autumn or Spring pair of boots because the soles of these boots have little to no grip. I love these because they're versatile, I can worn two ways - as a pair of high knee boots or a pair of Eskimo boots. These boots are made by a brand named Report - clearly not a known brand. But I don't exactly buy into brands. It's really just marketing and the hype people make them into. I prefer design and quality over brand.

Ok, next I have up a pair of Hunter boots dupe.  I never really liked rain boots because I find them not very fashionable.  But then I came upon these:

Yes, you may not agree they look nice. But I was thinking I could pull off with these in the winter. I bought these because they fall more on the durable side.  I bought these @Joe Fresh - which they sell in Loblaws (Supermarket in Canada).  They were on clearance for $16.94 CAD + tax.  I could pair this with a plaid shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Oh and of course, for winter, I'd need high knee socks as these don't exactly have a warm inner lining.

So this is it for now. Bottom line, winter is ending soon - even though I'm looking outside my window and it's clearly snowing - so clearance boot shopping soon! =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Haul: Crown Brushes

A few days ago, I was looking around online for some dupes of MAC 182, 219 and 168. Then I came upon Crown brushes and found that there's a walk-in and online stop in Toronto that sells Crown brushes. I've never bought brushes online because I feel that it's better if I can touch/feel its quality and test them out before putting my money down for them. I first heard about Crown brushes from people who went to IMATS in Toronto, but since there's a shop in Toronto, I'd rather just shop at the store while I'm in the area. The shop is called Jordan Cosmetics and they seem like a wholesale store that sells a variety of makeup and brushes. They carry makeup of their own brand, Kryolan and some other theatrical makeup. When I opened the door into the store, there was a dog sitting right behind the door and he/she was so cute. I think it was a Shih Tzu but it was so adorable. My friend on the other hand is afraid of dogs, she panics and I could literally hear it in her voice. LOL!!

Anyways, I spoke to the lady there and she was so nice and helpful. I guess she's a makeup artist and teaches makeup. And I guess I could've googled it, but I asked what's the best way to clean synthetic brushes and she told me bar soap works really well - i.e. Dove, Olay, etc.

So for my Toronto or GTA blog readers, if you're looking for affordable alternative brushes, go ahead and check it out. I don't quite recommend buying brushes online. You don't really know what the brushes feels like, and how well they work until you have it in your hands to test out. When I first researched Crown brushes, many people said the Badger lines are pretty good, but I when I got there and felt them, they weren't as soft as people raved it to be. =(

So here's what I got:

Left to right:
C405 (Studio Pro) - $8.99 CAD
PP27 (Perfectly Pink) - $2.63 CAD
C213 (Studio) - $2.39 CAD
SS016 (Syntho) - $19.12 CAD

In terms of price, it's pretty decent. I spent a total of $37.44 CAD, tax included.

I just finished washing them after taking these photos, now waiting for them to dry. After I try these out for a good month or so, I'll do a review on them. But for now, all I can tell you is that these brushes have a slight scent to them - I guess it's because they're new.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haul: Hair-related

So much for budgeting and minimizing spending! =\  Err.  I bought myself a new flatting iron last Saturday from a Canadian beauty store called The Beauty Supply Outlet.  If you're a Canadian and have never heard of this store, it's like Trade Secrets with a little more product variety.  Or if you're from the US, The BSO is much like Sally's Beauty supply store.

Getting a new flat iron has been on my wish list for a long time.  I've upgraded my Conair flat iron that could only go up to 25˚C to my new one by Babyliss Pro that goes up to 232˚C.  This flat iron can straighten my hair and curl it.  I was originally looking at the Babyliss Pro Ultra-Slim Nano Titanium Flat Iron, but the sales told me they were having this on promotion for $ 99.99 CAD.  What's even better is this flat iron includes a free flat iron holder, which solves my problem of not knowing where to place it after it gets hot. 

Now, I knew if I was going to use such high-heat appliance on my hair, I needed a heat protectant.  Originally, I was looking to get the CHI heat guard @Winners (it's like TJMaxx in the US), because they sell it at a discounted price.  But I went to two Winners stores and couldn't find it in full size so I resorted to this Got2B 425˚F Heat Protect.  I haven't tried it out yet, as I just got it today, so hopefully it'll work out for me.  Plus, it's on sale @Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.99 CAD and apparently, this is a pretty popular hair product since it was sold out at the first Shoppers I stopped by.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Using Evian Spray?

A few days ago, my friend just got herself into this makeup addiction after watching Youtube videos.  She started telling me these random things.  One of them was concerning my Evian water spray and my MAC 187.  She told me that if I sprayed a little of Evian water on my MAC 187 bristles prior to applying foundation, the brush will not absorb all my makeup product and it'll be easier to clean afterwards.  I've tried it and it works! =) So it's definitely an interesting fact that I never knew.  So if you never knew either, try it out!

Snow Day?

So much for a 20-30 cm of snow from a snow storm! More like 10 cm! Well that's still enough to go outside and build myself a snowman.  Or maybe even a snow igloo.  =)  It'd be awesome if I could go snowboard or skiing right now.  So, for those who have never tried these outdoor winter activities, I highly recommend them.  Even though you might come back with a bruised bum and aching muscle pain the next day.  In the end, the fun is so worth it! So I tried snowboarding on this past Sunday.  It was my second time going and I actually got to learn how to snowboard.  I got one of my friends to teach me how and poor guy had to help me get up every time I fell.  =(  Because getting up just requires coordination and I clearly fail at that.  But near the end of the night, I finally got it. *phew*  But I guess after I get used to snowboarding, I might like it more than skiing.  I started skiing 8 years ago, and I find it is so much easier!  Anyways, go out and enjoy the snow!
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