Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haul: Shoppers Drug Mart

Yes, I have yet another haul.  I've been wanting to try out Anna Sui's foundation for a good few months.  LOL funny how I've had Dior foundation on my wishlist for a long time but never got around to buying it.  But I justified myself for buying this Anna Sui foundation because Shoppers Drug Mart (drugstore in Canada) had two promos going on - (1) spend $50 or more and receive either 20x the optimum points or $20 SDM gift card; (2) spend minimum $60 on Anna Sui products to get a gift.  So I ended up getting, just two things so I'd qualify for the GWP (gift with purchase).  I got the Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation in P05 and Lip Rouge G in 700, which reminds me of MAC's Creme D'Nude.  I was a little disappointed in their GWP, which was a purple fabric bag, nothing too outstanding.  However, the sales did give me two mini perfume samples.  I've never tested their fragrance before but I am super surprised how nice they smelt.  Personally, I think the scents weren't too strong which I love - now I may have a replacement for my Juicy Couture perfume.


  1. I admired Anna Sui's nail polishes last time I was in a beauty boutique, I love the bottle design, so cool. Looks like you got some nice pics there.

    Check out my other blog: if you haven't already, I post deals there. :)

  2. aw that is a crappy gift :(
    but yea im always up to try new foundations lemme know how this one works!

  3. @Justine: I know! Their packaging looks so unique! And I'll def check out your posts ;)

    @Joan: Ya I know =| I was pretty bummed at the gift. And I sure will do a review on it ;).


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