Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day?

So much for a 20-30 cm of snow from a snow storm! More like 10 cm! Well that's still enough to go outside and build myself a snowman.  Or maybe even a snow igloo.  =)  It'd be awesome if I could go snowboard or skiing right now.  So, for those who have never tried these outdoor winter activities, I highly recommend them.  Even though you might come back with a bruised bum and aching muscle pain the next day.  In the end, the fun is so worth it! So I tried snowboarding on this past Sunday.  It was my second time going and I actually got to learn how to snowboard.  I got one of my friends to teach me how and poor guy had to help me get up every time I fell.  =(  Because getting up just requires coordination and I clearly fail at that.  But near the end of the night, I finally got it. *phew*  But I guess after I get used to snowboarding, I might like it more than skiing.  I started skiing 8 years ago, and I find it is so much easier!  Anyways, go out and enjoy the snow!

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