Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift

If you've read my previous posts, my family members went to Hong Kong in last November and bought me this Clarins Facial Shaping Lift cream.  Apparently this was a pretty popular product in Hong Kong.  The Clarins in Canada doesn't carry this product.   =\

Now on to the goods and the bads of this product.  First the cons, there really isn't any.  I mean if I really have to nicky picky about this product, it'll be the time it takes to see some results.  It took well over 1 week to start to see noticeable results along the jawline, the chin and the cheekbones.
Next the pros, it's a pretty good moisturizer.  The packaging says I can use it day and night but I chose night only.  Every morning I wake up after leaving it on my face overnight, my skin feels smoother.  And in terms of what the product claims - contouring, refining and enhancing features - I find that it does work but again, it may take a week or so to see results.  The packaging also claims that it reduce eye contour puffiness.  Well the other day, I only slept for 2 hours during the whole night and I was afraid of getting puffy red eyes the next morning.  So before applying my makeup, I included this product in my morning skincare routine, covering only the eyes.  And you know what, I actually think it works for the puffiness.  It was obvious that I had dark circles under my eyes, but the puffiness is not noticeable.  So basically, it greatly reduces the puffiness.
Also, they have an instruction manual in the package that tell you to follow a specific method called Auto Lifting Method to see the results faster.  I read reviews online that says this product can also be used with a face roller to slim down your face - basically your baby fat and lose the double chin if you have one.  And I dug around my house for a face roller and if you ask me, I'd say the face roller definitely helped out the product.  I mean I did use the Auto Lifting Method but I also used a face roller afterwards for a good 10 mins.  So I'd definitely recommend this combination.

Consistency of this product? It's lightweight.  Not heavy at all.
Any scent? Yes.  To me, it's not an irritating scent.  Smells a little like perfume.
Retailed for? $500 HKD but my mom got it for a 30% off each bottle promo.  So it came up to be $350 HKD and the good thing about Hong Kong is that they don't have tax! That is roughly each bottle cost $50 CAD.

Product: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift
Rating: 5 / 5

- Contours, refines and enhances facial features
- Not incredibly expensive
- Reduces eye puffiness
- Smoother skin feeling

- Takes a little over 1 week to start seeing noticeable results

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