Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Bay Friends and Family Sale

Anyone Torontonians know of the Bay sale? It's 20% off any regular priced item if you use their HBC credit card or 15% off if you use other method of payments.  Now even though The Bay always have these random sales when you use their HBC credit card, it was never an attractive sale to me since I never find the brands I like in the Bay.  BUT they've definitely took it to my next level when I saw brands like Sam Edelman, Sperrys and Uggs.  I actually picked up a pair of Sperrys Originals.  Its original price was $110 and with 20% off as well as tax, it came to $99.44 CAD.  Great deal I guess.

Thursday, April 4, 2013 Haul

I've really become a frequent shopper on  Every 3 - 4 months, I'd make a virtual trip to and stock up on some skincare items.  Well, I placed my order in mid-March and only received it yesterday.  In my experience, Sasa has taken much longer to ship out orders and they no longer offer the 'purchase $29 or more and receive free shipping' promo.  In the past, it took my order to come in 7 - 14 business days but this time, they've changed their postal service to 14 - 21 business days.  The delayed period was definitely not what I had in mind.  My order this place was clearly a small one but it was split into two shipments, probably due to weight.  Anyways, on to my haul.

 1.  Haruhada Collagen Moisture Skin Lotion - $13.20 USD
This is a 500 mL bottle of lotion.  For $13.20, I think it's definitely worth it.  I've read some reviews, seems like it's a great quality and price product so I just could not miss out on this.

2.  Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil - $10.40 USD
It's summer and it's relatively hard to keep your skin free of sunspots so I'm clearly trying to stock up my skincare on items that could help prevent them.  How can I miss out a cleansing oil that whitens your skin?

3.  Hiruscar - $16.90 USD
This is the most expensive item I bought from this order.  This little tube of product cost more than my 500 mL bottle of lotion! I hope it'll live up to what it claims to do, which is to eliminate or minimize the appearance of scars.

 4.  Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner - $13.50 USD
Looks familiar? Yup! I'm repurchasing this.  I'm nearly finished using up the bottle of Marcelle toner that I bought from Lisa's Cosmetics.  Since I loved this results of this product so much, I've decided to restock on it.  =)

 5.  Kose Moisture Mild White Milky Lotion L - $14.10 USD
Yes, another whitening product.  A lotion I can use as day moisturizer.  Another product with 4 out of 5 stars review from Sasa customers.  So I'm going to put this to the test.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

After my discovery of cleansing oils, I've grown to love using them.  As a matter of fact, I've began researching and testing out different ones to find the best one.  Until now, I still have a great love for Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil.  I haven't found one that could beat it.  But as I'm still on an adventure to find one that can beat its quality effectiveness and price, I have another review to write on this deep cleansing oil.

The scent: Scent-free.

Consistency:  Feels oily but not its consistency.  Its consistency is not thick at all.

Application: I usually take 3 to 5 pumps with dry hands to massage into my skin and remove all the makeup.

Packaging:  It's got a pump.  Packaging came with a pump stopper.

What it claims:
- Dissolves makeup and remove impurities in pores
- Cuticle-clear ingredient helps remove dead cuticles, leaving skin purified and refreshed

Thoughts / Results:
Well, this cleansing oil isn't one of the best I've used.  Actually the last bottle of PDC Celdie Makeup Removal Oil was a better cleansing oil than this one.  I find it takes more product and longer massaging and rubbing into my skin to remove the makeup, especially eye makeup.  The product doesn't break me out but its efficiency score is pretty low.  It claims to remove impurities in pores, leaving skin purified but I'm sad to feel it doesn't.  I've experimented with removing eyeliners with this product and it managed to fade away the liners but not remove them completely.  Well, I won't be finding myself repurchasing this product.

Cost: $ 11.00 USD ($ 12.90 USD before the 15% off promotion on

Product: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil
Rating: 2 / 5

- Removes makeup with significant use of product and massaging into skin

- Not an efficient product

Eyeliner with the cleansing oil

Cleansing oil massaged into skin to remove the liner

Rinsed with water, the liner is slightly still visible.

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