Friday, November 25, 2011

iPhone 4S

I finally decided to get myself an iPhone 4S!! =) Through my network carrier, I ordered the iPhone 4S 16 gb in White on Sunday and received it yesterday.  =)  This is my first iPhone.  I usually play around with my friends' iPhones and wanted my own since 3GS came out.  =\  I love the sleek look.  But one down side is how fast the battery gets used up.

Anyways, I need to get a case to protect my phone from getting scratched and whatnot, but then again I want a phone case that looks nice.  I'm considering an Otterbox Defender case for practical purposes and / or a pretty case for the sake of appearances but not probably not as practical.  Any ideas?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just have another rant

Ha, I must seem bitter for the many rants I have.  Anyways, I have been listing some stuff on eBay to sell and realized the many regulations they've changed.  For example, sellers can no longer say in their auction listings that they are no longer responsible for lost or damaged mail.  Um, a little unfair don't you think? So dear eBay, do you expect me to personally fly down to California to deliver a package safely? Well are you going to pay for my flight ticket? Because only then can I ensure I am fully responsible for any delivered and undamaged mail.

It's no wonder eBay has to give out so many incentives to sellers to attract them to sell again - i.e. list 1000 items for free on November ##.  Dear eBay, you're just deterring people from selling on your website.  Funny thing is there's not enough buyers on your site either! Why else would you come up with the eBay bucks program? I can easily create a blog and start selling without using your site!

I hope some smart computer programming dude or girl out there comes up with a better auction site then yours, eBay!

Haul: Lisa's Cosmetics November 2011

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Lisa's Cosmetics sale at around 1PM and lined up for 40 minutes, which is surprising because I thought most people would have gone on the weekend.  Anyways,  I went in and there were a lot more shampoos and conditioners of different brands at the sale.  But even so, I didn't get any since I bought enough at the Shiseido sale.

Photo credit:
This time around, for myself, I bought two patterned Pashmina scarves, Sally Hansen Brow Stencils and a LaCross powder brush.  The scarves were $9.99 each, brow stencils were $0.99, and the powder brush was $2.99.  Clearly I loved my brow stencils that I had to get another pack.  =\  Well, for 99¢ I don't mind having a back up.  As for the powder brush, I was a little iffy when I decide to buy it.  The bristles are soft but in terms of shedding quality, I wasn't too sure.  Despite my worries, I still got it and when I washed it with soap, oh geez, it shed so much.  Finally the scarves, I saw a woman holding a sample of this scarf and the colours caught my eye.  Though I like the colours, I don't like the "C" monogram print.  It gives the impression that it's a Coach scarf, which clearly isn't.  Nevertheless, I'd still wear it for the colours.  As for the leopard print one, it caught my eye first.  I saw a similar print scarf @Aritzia that cost $65 which stopped me from buying.  I'm assuming leopard prints are trendy for fall and winter. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Lacross Brow Shapers by Sally Hansen

I bought these exactly a year ago.  I tried them once and had no idea how to properly use them, so I thought they were useless to me.  Until recently, I really wanted to change up the shape of my eyebrows.  I was thinking about getting the Anastasia Brow Stencils, but I read some reviews saying the stencils were too big.  Then I decided to give these LaCross Brow Shapers Stencils another try, using the Anastasia method of finding where the eyebrow starts, arches and ends.

Application: Very easy to use.  I make it easier to see which strays of hair to pluck by using a dark brown eyeshadow.  Specifically, I used Signed, Seal by MAC.  Taking the eyeshadow, I marked the beginning of where the eyebrow should start by using an angle brush, aligning straight up along the middle of the nostrils.  I marked the end of the eyebrow by aligning the edge of my nose to the outer end of my eye.  Finally, I marked where the highest arch of my brows should be by aligning the tip of my nose to the pupil of the eye.  Then taking the most suitable stencil of the three, I matched which one was the most suitable with the beginning, end and arch of my brows.  I shaded in the brows using the stencils and the eyeshadow so I can clearly tell which strays of hair can be plucked.  When using the stencils and shading in the brows, it is important that I aligned the stencil so that I was keeping most of my hair.  I didn't want to wait another few months for certain areas of hair to grow.

Packaging: The packaging is really simple.  Nothing fancy.  I like that it's plastic, washable and reusable.

What it claims: "Perfect tweeze guide."

Thoughts / Results: I agree with what it claims.  I'm loving them right now.  I used to groom my eyebrows myself with very little touch-ups because I was afraid of ruining my brows.  As you might know already, some hairs - once plucked - won't grow back.  I haven't been to the salon, Caryl Baker Visage, for almost 3 years.  I wasn't doing my brows properly, but they still looked half-decent, and now I'm really happy with them =).

Don't get me wrong, I do recommend the Caryl Baker Visage salon to do your eyebrows if you're afraid - like I was - of ruining your brows.  I have been to three different Caryl Baker Visage in the GTA region, personally, I think they are all reliable.  The first time I got my brows done at a salon, I threaded them.  Mind you, it wasn't a Caryl Baker Visage salon I went to.  Unfortunately, the lady that did my brows ruin them.  =( They were VERY noticeably uneven - like one side was thinner than the other.  I was in grade 10 back then, so I just grew them out.  Sadly, I feel that the lady did ruin my brows forever as one side still looks thinner to this day.  It wasn't until my first year of university that my friend brought me to Caryl Baker Visage to do my brows and I love how they groom them.  They do exactly what you ask them to do.

Anyways, I love these stencils.  I'm super glad I finally decided to pick these back up and try again.  They worked out great.  They really are a great guide to tweeze those unwanted hairs.  They are perfect size for me.  If you have small or short or not-so-long or not-so-wide brows like me, definitely take a look at these.  I was able to find these @Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale last year. *side note: they are still being sold there.

Cost: $0.99 CAD @Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale

Product: Sally Hansen LaCross Brow Shapers
Rating: 5 / 5

- Perfect size for people with smaller eyebrows or face
- Reusable
- Great for newbies

- Nothing I can think of

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rant: Canada Custom Appeal

Heads up for those Canadians who shop online and your packages come from outside of Canada.  I ordered a pair of heels from back in late September.  They arrived in Canada in mid-October and I finally get my hands on them today, mid-November.  Ridiculous or what?! It was NOT because of shipping.  Rather it was CUSTOMS! CanadaPost arrived at my door in mid-October asking me to pay $19 CAD for a pair of $22.50 CAD heels.  Uhhh, hello?!?! I could use that money to buy another pair of shoes if I had paid custom.  So hell no am I letting you (customs officer) rob me of my money! So I stopped the postal dude and told him to leave me a delivery notice.  For those of you who don't know, you have a few options when your package arrives at your door and customs is asking for a good chunk of money.  You can refuse it and it gets sent back to the sender (which I don't recommend but then again weigh your cons and pros), pay for it (then see if you can get it reimburse either through the seller or customs office), or ask for a delivery notice.  I took the delivery notice and printed out an online invoice that was sent to my e-mail inbox where I clearly highlighted the price I bought it at, which I declare as the true value of my shoes, along with a handwritten note to ask the customs officer to accordingly reassess my package.  My note wasn't rude but I had to take a hard stand at my argument.  Anyways, I took my note, delivery notice and invoice to the post office and told the CanadaPost woman (and how unfortunate of me, it's that cranky old woman AGAIN - if you've been following me, yes, it's that same old woman that gives me a hard time!) to send my package back to customs as I needed to get it appealed.  This reassessment process takes approximately 1 month, so be patient!

It's an easy process to send packages back to customs for an appeal, but seriously it's time-consuming.  So if you've ordered online and have been hit by customs, know how the process goes! Google about customs appeal, even after writing the note and asking for appeal, you do run the risk of them denying your request.  And if they do deny your request, you have to pay that customs fee PLUS the additional shipping - which I think is $8.50 CAD

My thought on this issue? You can really tell government is pulling funds from EVERYWHERE when you get four packages sent to your door step in the past 2 months and THREE of them are charging custom fees.  As most of us online shoppers know, in the past, packages that arrive at our door doesn't always get taxed.  Well that was when the economy wasn't slipping away and falling into a deep deficit hole.  For now, I think I'm going to hold off on the online shopping.  It's just too much work and time-consuming to have to get my stuff appealed!

Plus, you know what really pisses me off? The fact that when I opened my package, the shoe box was teared off and just shoved back into the box.  Clearly wasn't handled with care.  I thought everyone knew this right conduct: if it's not yours, you handle it with care.  Even though the shoe box will be tossed out, I'd like my stuff to be in piece and not mistreated.  I know custom officers get a certain degree of authority, but that does NOT justify the way they use that power nor the right to misuse it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Collective Haul - Guess Warehouse Sale, LUSH, F21, Shiseido warehouse sale

This past week, I did quite a bit of shopping.  On Wednesday, I did go to the Guess warehouse sale.  Generally, I get disappointed whenever I go to the International Centre Hall sales in Mississauga.  I do come out with a few purchases but never happy with the overall sale.  I did have a gut feeling that I would get disappointed again this time.  =( Well here it is:
1.  The jacket is by a brand, ONLY.  Not a Guess brand but it has a nice fit cut at the waist - revealing more of an hour figure.  Originally for $65 CAD, this jacket was at the sale for $40 CAD.
2.  The Guess bag retailed for $130 CAD but was for $40 at the sale.
However, I had a 10% discount from their e-mail so I saved $8 CAD in total.
Today was their last day of the sale and I believe their prices dropped, but *meh* I lost interest in looking for clothes.  They had clothes scattered everywhere on tables and it was a lot of the same tops.

 This is the 3rd haul I've ever made at Lush.  I've tried their body scrub, emotibomb and a face mask.  This time, I walked into Lush wanting solutions to my sudden breakout on my chin and my problematic hair.  I asked the SA and she recommended me these products:
1.  Rehab shampoo - $24.95 CAD
2.  Cupcake fresh face masks - $6.95 CAD
3.  R & B hair moisturizer - $20.95 CAD

I've already tried the products twice already in the past 5 days and I'm liking the results.  But I'll def have to try these for a good month or so before developing some real thoughts of their products.

On this past Friday, I stopped by Wal-Mart @Scarborough Town Centre to pick up Airwick scented oil plug-in refills.  I knew STC was opening up a F21 store and I happen to be there on their opening day.  So they were having a promo where if you purchase over $40 worth of their items, then you'll receive 10% off.  Clearly, I didn't make it to the mark.  But I picked up what I thought was essential for me.
1.  V-neck cami - $3.80 CAD
2.  Fringe infinity scarf - $7.50 CAD

And now, the haul from Shiseido warehouse sale.  I went there today (Sunday) and surprising there was a lot of stuff and not as many people.  The doors opened at 9AM but I got there around 9:15AM and there was NO line! I was so glad since I didn't want to be pushed around, squeezing between people to see the products.
Every time I shopped at these sales, I try to hold back on buying more eyeshadows but I just can't.  I'm nowhere near done my stash at home but here I am with another haul with more eyeshadows.  =\  Anyways, here it is:
1.  Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in H5 Aqua Shimmer - $8 CAD
2.  2 NARS Multiple in Turks and Caico - $15 CAD each
3.  Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in O40 Natural Fair Ochre - $15 CAD
4.  Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in WT907 Paperwhite - $8 CAD
5.  NARS Night Rider - $8 CAD

I got more shampoo and conditioner since I am nearly done the 6 bottles I bought from the first time I went to this sale.
6.  Evolve Maintain Moisture shampoo and conditioner - $12 CAD each
7.  Evolve Cherish Color shampoo and conditioner - $12 CAD each
8.  2 travel-sized bags - $2 CAD each
9.  Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-Balancing Softener - $25 CAD
10.  3 Orlane Morning Recovery Concentrate - $20 CAD each
11.  Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener N - $30 CAD
12.  Shiseido Benefiance Balancing Softener N - $30 CAD
13.  Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Cream N SPF 15 - $32 CAD

That is about it, hope you enjoyed reading about my haul! =)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Guess and Marciano Fall Warehouse Sale

A few days ago, I received this e-mail in my inbox telling me of the Guess and Marciano Fall Warehouse sale so I thought I should share with those of you who live in the GTA area. 

November 9 - 13

Wed 10AM - 8PM
Thurs & Fri 11AM - 9PM
Sat & Sun 11AM - 7PM

International Center Hall 4
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON

Here's the coupon I received in my mail.  So if you're going on Nov 9, make sure you print this coupon off so you can save 10% too!  It's only valid for Nov 9.

I'm not sure what to expect at this sale.  I've been to other sales at International Airport Center, I usually find stuff but it's never overly exciting.  So hopefully, this Guess one will be better. *Fingers cross*

You can also sign up with their newsletter so you can get their sale notifications via e-mail.  Just go  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Late Update of My August Vegas Haul

I know, this is a super late - like 3 months - update.  I went to Vegas with my friends in mid-August and after I got back, I did say I'd do a haul of what clothes I bought in Vegas.  Though I really didn't get much, here's my haul.

I don't remember what the cost of these were.  But I did see the shorts and dress were still being sold online.
The dress is sold online for $23.80 CAD.
The shorts are sold online for $21.80 CAD.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 2011 Vaughan Mills and Online Haul

Last week, I stopped by Vaughan Mills for a bit of clothing shopping.  Mainly I wanted to shop at the Forever21 store since I haven't shopped there since it opened.  Personally, I find this F21 store has more variety and better choices than the Eaton Centre and Fairview Mall ones.

This tribal t-shirt has a wide neck, which can be worn off the shoulder.  This shirt was $17.80.
The body con dress has a slight slit on the chest.  This dress was $23.80.

This Lululemon Integrity Hot Tank that I got in light purple cost me $52.  A little pricey but I like it.
Another gym tank top I got from Reebok that I got in a darker purple cost me $9.99.

This is my online F21 haul.
Floral chiffon sleeveless top was $18.80.
Brown shorts was $27.80.
Floral BodyCon dress was $13.50.
Beige rib knit tights was $9.80.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Persian Cold Wax

How many ways have you tried removing body hair? I've tried shaving, pucking with tweezers and finally waxing.  I've tried the Veet wax strips and they barely work.  Shaving works too but it just gives me thicker and more noticeable hair.  Pucking with tweezers can thin out the hair but also create ingrown hairs and dark armpits.  I finally resorted to cold wax as it was recommended to me by a friend.

The scent:
There is no scent.

Very thick.

Take the provided popsicle stick and twirl up some wax then apply where hair needs to be removed.  Then take the fabric strip and cover the wax area.  Pull the strip parallel to your skin surface in the opposition direction of the way most of your hair grows.  Best to be pulled in one quick motion.

I've tried warming the wax in microwave for easier pick up but it kinda ruins the wax, so I don't recommend it.  I feel the wax becomes less adhesive.

Great packaging.  There is not better method of putting the wax in.  It comes with the wax, two different shaped wooden sticks for application and plenty of reusable, washable fabric strips.

Thoughts / Results:
The wax really does the job well.  It fixed my dark armpits problem.  I haven't noticed any ingrown hairs.  Prior to using wax, I read out way to get rid of dark armpits like using a exfoliating product with beads in it, loofah, and moisturizing after showering.  These methods did lighten the armpits a bit but not by much.  Wax really does the job well, it easily pulls those hairs out of the pores.  Much better than pucking one by one.  The one flaw is that sometimes, the wax can't get to all the hair.  Probably due to the short hair length, which is forgivable as the wax can't grab a tight enough how to yank out the barely coming out hairs.  I usually wait until my hair is about 0.3 - 0.5 cm long before I wax.

My legs aren't hair so I don't really bother with them.  My leg hair is barely noticeable. 

Another good thing is its all natural ingredients.

$16.99 CAD (I believe this was the cost I paid at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Product: Persian Cold Wax
Rating: 5 / 5

- Helped my dark armpit problem
- Haven't found any ingrown hairs
- Convenient and efficiently removes hair

- Doesn't remove smaller hairs but that's forgivable

Shiseido the Makeup Perfecting Lipstick in Praline P21

L - R: MAC Honeylove, Shiseido P21
Currently I'm using the Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick in Praline P21.  It's a neutral beige colour.  One thing about Shiseido's lipstick is they're really moisturizing.  This colour is really pigmented.  However, they don't have a long staying power.  I'd say the reapplication is needed every 30 mins.  It's a lustre colour but after 30 mins, it dries out.  A little colour may still be there but it'll lack that lustre colour.

Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick in Praline P21

With flash (L-R): Shiseido P21, MAC Honeylove

Without flash (L-R): Shiseido P21, MAC Honeylove

Product: Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick in Praline P21
Rating: 3.5 / 5
- Moisturizing
- Pigmented
- Sheen version of MAC Honeylove

- Applies sheen but dries pretty quickly

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum

I have been using this Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 serum for more than one month.  Since I have so many skincare products to go through, I share most of my skincare with my mom and this is one of the many.  And seems like results are the same between my mom and I.

The scent:
No scent

Very liquidity.  As you can see (right), one drop on my finger and it runs down very quickly.

After cleansing and using toner, I use serum before moisturizing.  I tend to use two drops, one on the middle finger and one on the ring finger.  Then rub my fingers together and in a patting motion, pat it all over my face and neck.

The product comes in a dropper bottle.  For its liquidity consistency, I think the dropper is a great design.  The bottle is made of glass - so best not to drop it on the floor.

What it claims:
"Contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to the skin and increase hydration.  Enriched with Vitamin B5, this hydrating fluid maximizes the benefits of your daily moisturizer.  Fragrance-free formulation ideal for all skin types."

Thoughts / Results:
Since I've used this product for a two months, I've still been getting dry skin patches on my nose once in a while.  I thought this product could have helped with me that problem.  Unfortunately, it didn't help much.  My skin did get a little smoother or softer but not by much, so this proves it does help with absorption of moisturizers.  Now one of the problems I've noticed is the milia I have been getting along my jawline.  As I said before, my mom has been using this product as well and she's been getting milia on her jawline as well.  I haven't noticed anything else of my skincare routine that has changed, so I can only conclude it was because of this product.  The recommended amount to apply this product was 3 to 5 drops, and clearly I had to reduce that to 2 drops.

I like the idea that it's fragrance-free as I'd prefer sometimes that products don't have a scent.  And I like that it's in a dropper bottle as it's easier to control how much I want by how many drops.

$66 USD (but I got it at a discount for $59.40 USD)

Product: Skinceuticals Hydrating B5
Rating: 2 / 5

- Hydrating with use of moisturizer

- Not best to be used alone as it gives no effects
- Causes milia on my jawline
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