Sunday, November 13, 2011

Collective Haul - Guess Warehouse Sale, LUSH, F21, Shiseido warehouse sale

This past week, I did quite a bit of shopping.  On Wednesday, I did go to the Guess warehouse sale.  Generally, I get disappointed whenever I go to the International Centre Hall sales in Mississauga.  I do come out with a few purchases but never happy with the overall sale.  I did have a gut feeling that I would get disappointed again this time.  =( Well here it is:
1.  The jacket is by a brand, ONLY.  Not a Guess brand but it has a nice fit cut at the waist - revealing more of an hour figure.  Originally for $65 CAD, this jacket was at the sale for $40 CAD.
2.  The Guess bag retailed for $130 CAD but was for $40 at the sale.
However, I had a 10% discount from their e-mail so I saved $8 CAD in total.
Today was their last day of the sale and I believe their prices dropped, but *meh* I lost interest in looking for clothes.  They had clothes scattered everywhere on tables and it was a lot of the same tops.

 This is the 3rd haul I've ever made at Lush.  I've tried their body scrub, emotibomb and a face mask.  This time, I walked into Lush wanting solutions to my sudden breakout on my chin and my problematic hair.  I asked the SA and she recommended me these products:
1.  Rehab shampoo - $24.95 CAD
2.  Cupcake fresh face masks - $6.95 CAD
3.  R & B hair moisturizer - $20.95 CAD

I've already tried the products twice already in the past 5 days and I'm liking the results.  But I'll def have to try these for a good month or so before developing some real thoughts of their products.

On this past Friday, I stopped by Wal-Mart @Scarborough Town Centre to pick up Airwick scented oil plug-in refills.  I knew STC was opening up a F21 store and I happen to be there on their opening day.  So they were having a promo where if you purchase over $40 worth of their items, then you'll receive 10% off.  Clearly, I didn't make it to the mark.  But I picked up what I thought was essential for me.
1.  V-neck cami - $3.80 CAD
2.  Fringe infinity scarf - $7.50 CAD

And now, the haul from Shiseido warehouse sale.  I went there today (Sunday) and surprising there was a lot of stuff and not as many people.  The doors opened at 9AM but I got there around 9:15AM and there was NO line! I was so glad since I didn't want to be pushed around, squeezing between people to see the products.
Every time I shopped at these sales, I try to hold back on buying more eyeshadows but I just can't.  I'm nowhere near done my stash at home but here I am with another haul with more eyeshadows.  =\  Anyways, here it is:
1.  Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in H5 Aqua Shimmer - $8 CAD
2.  2 NARS Multiple in Turks and Caico - $15 CAD each
3.  Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in O40 Natural Fair Ochre - $15 CAD
4.  Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in WT907 Paperwhite - $8 CAD
5.  NARS Night Rider - $8 CAD

I got more shampoo and conditioner since I am nearly done the 6 bottles I bought from the first time I went to this sale.
6.  Evolve Maintain Moisture shampoo and conditioner - $12 CAD each
7.  Evolve Cherish Color shampoo and conditioner - $12 CAD each
8.  2 travel-sized bags - $2 CAD each
9.  Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-Balancing Softener - $25 CAD
10.  3 Orlane Morning Recovery Concentrate - $20 CAD each
11.  Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener N - $30 CAD
12.  Shiseido Benefiance Balancing Softener N - $30 CAD
13.  Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Cream N SPF 15 - $32 CAD

That is about it, hope you enjoyed reading about my haul! =)


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  2. I'm soooo jealous~ I missed the Shiseido sale!! (BTW great haul!)

  3. @Winda: Thanks for interest! Sadly, I'm only a blogger on here. I don't have twitter or facebook associated with my blogging account. I can def follow you =)

    @ellah: I almost missed the sale too! =| I think they kept it really low profile this time. I went on Sunday and was taken by surprise that there was no line =)

  4. awesome haul!



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