Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just have another rant

Ha, I must seem bitter for the many rants I have.  Anyways, I have been listing some stuff on eBay to sell and realized the many regulations they've changed.  For example, sellers can no longer say in their auction listings that they are no longer responsible for lost or damaged mail.  Um, a little unfair don't you think? So dear eBay, do you expect me to personally fly down to California to deliver a package safely? Well are you going to pay for my flight ticket? Because only then can I ensure I am fully responsible for any delivered and undamaged mail.

It's no wonder eBay has to give out so many incentives to sellers to attract them to sell again - i.e. list 1000 items for free on November ##.  Dear eBay, you're just deterring people from selling on your website.  Funny thing is there's not enough buyers on your site either! Why else would you come up with the eBay bucks program? I can easily create a blog and start selling without using your site!

I hope some smart computer programming dude or girl out there comes up with a better auction site then yours, eBay!


  1. It seems online shopping is not really agreeing with you lately =( Cheer up girl!

  2. @eLLah: lol, ya I agree with you on that. But I'm not tttthat bitter about it, I just sucked it up and move on in these cases. Nothing always goes perfectly the way I want it and that's what I do. So really, I'm not as bitter as it seems. LOL =)


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