Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haul: Lisa's Cosmetics November 2011

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Lisa's Cosmetics sale at around 1PM and lined up for 40 minutes, which is surprising because I thought most people would have gone on the weekend.  Anyways,  I went in and there were a lot more shampoos and conditioners of different brands at the sale.  But even so, I didn't get any since I bought enough at the Shiseido sale.

Photo credit: aritzia.com
This time around, for myself, I bought two patterned Pashmina scarves, Sally Hansen Brow Stencils and a LaCross powder brush.  The scarves were $9.99 each, brow stencils were $0.99, and the powder brush was $2.99.  Clearly I loved my brow stencils that I had to get another pack.  =\  Well, for 99¢ I don't mind having a back up.  As for the powder brush, I was a little iffy when I decide to buy it.  The bristles are soft but in terms of shedding quality, I wasn't too sure.  Despite my worries, I still got it and when I washed it with soap, oh geez, it shed so much.  Finally the scarves, I saw a woman holding a sample of this scarf and the colours caught my eye.  Though I like the colours, I don't like the "C" monogram print.  It gives the impression that it's a Coach scarf, which clearly isn't.  Nevertheless, I'd still wear it for the colours.  As for the leopard print one, it caught my eye first.  I saw a similar print scarf @Aritzia that cost $65 which stopped me from buying.  I'm assuming leopard prints are trendy for fall and winter. 

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