Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Lacross Brow Shapers by Sally Hansen

I bought these exactly a year ago.  I tried them once and had no idea how to properly use them, so I thought they were useless to me.  Until recently, I really wanted to change up the shape of my eyebrows.  I was thinking about getting the Anastasia Brow Stencils, but I read some reviews saying the stencils were too big.  Then I decided to give these LaCross Brow Shapers Stencils another try, using the Anastasia method of finding where the eyebrow starts, arches and ends.

Application: Very easy to use.  I make it easier to see which strays of hair to pluck by using a dark brown eyeshadow.  Specifically, I used Signed, Seal by MAC.  Taking the eyeshadow, I marked the beginning of where the eyebrow should start by using an angle brush, aligning straight up along the middle of the nostrils.  I marked the end of the eyebrow by aligning the edge of my nose to the outer end of my eye.  Finally, I marked where the highest arch of my brows should be by aligning the tip of my nose to the pupil of the eye.  Then taking the most suitable stencil of the three, I matched which one was the most suitable with the beginning, end and arch of my brows.  I shaded in the brows using the stencils and the eyeshadow so I can clearly tell which strays of hair can be plucked.  When using the stencils and shading in the brows, it is important that I aligned the stencil so that I was keeping most of my hair.  I didn't want to wait another few months for certain areas of hair to grow.

Packaging: The packaging is really simple.  Nothing fancy.  I like that it's plastic, washable and reusable.

What it claims: "Perfect tweeze guide."

Thoughts / Results: I agree with what it claims.  I'm loving them right now.  I used to groom my eyebrows myself with very little touch-ups because I was afraid of ruining my brows.  As you might know already, some hairs - once plucked - won't grow back.  I haven't been to the salon, Caryl Baker Visage, for almost 3 years.  I wasn't doing my brows properly, but they still looked half-decent, and now I'm really happy with them =).

Don't get me wrong, I do recommend the Caryl Baker Visage salon to do your eyebrows if you're afraid - like I was - of ruining your brows.  I have been to three different Caryl Baker Visage in the GTA region, personally, I think they are all reliable.  The first time I got my brows done at a salon, I threaded them.  Mind you, it wasn't a Caryl Baker Visage salon I went to.  Unfortunately, the lady that did my brows ruin them.  =( They were VERY noticeably uneven - like one side was thinner than the other.  I was in grade 10 back then, so I just grew them out.  Sadly, I feel that the lady did ruin my brows forever as one side still looks thinner to this day.  It wasn't until my first year of university that my friend brought me to Caryl Baker Visage to do my brows and I love how they groom them.  They do exactly what you ask them to do.

Anyways, I love these stencils.  I'm super glad I finally decided to pick these back up and try again.  They worked out great.  They really are a great guide to tweeze those unwanted hairs.  They are perfect size for me.  If you have small or short or not-so-long or not-so-wide brows like me, definitely take a look at these.  I was able to find these @Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale last year. *side note: they are still being sold there.

Cost: $0.99 CAD @Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale

Product: Sally Hansen LaCross Brow Shapers
Rating: 5 / 5

- Perfect size for people with smaller eyebrows or face
- Reusable
- Great for newbies

- Nothing I can think of

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