Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Tsubaki Damage Care Treatment with Tsubaki Amino by Shiseido

After using this Shiseido hair treatment for one month, I decided it's time to do a review on it.  I can conclude it's a great product.  I didn't purchase the other products from the Shiseido line, but I'm sure the results would be better if I did.
The scent:
It has a floral scent that's stronger when smelt straight from the tube than when in my hands or in my hair.  Overall, the scent is not irritating or pungent.  The floral scent doesn't smell like old lady either.  I don't love the scent but it's ok.  Like it won't give me a headache from smelling it too much.

According to the directions on the bottle - or rather the instructions on the website, I shampoo my hair, towel dry it and put on this treatment, leaving it on for 20 mins.  I concentrate most of the product on the ends of my hair.  I've tried leaving my hair straight down and wrapping in a bun, and I don't find a difference in the results.  Then I wash it off and apply conditioner.  Then rinse that off.  Followed up by the Macadamia oil or Morrocanoil. 
*Sept 15 update: So I tried applying 3 min heat to my hair after applying the treatment, then waited another 17 mins before rinsing it off and applying conditioner.

The consistency:
It's thick but not as thick as regular hair conditioner.

Very clean and sleek packaging.  I like how it's in a tube form and not a pump.  The size of the product is 200g, which is not that bad.

What it claims:
"Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Treatment with Tsubaki Amino enhances elasticity, repairs hair with shines and smoothness. The floral scent refreshes your senses and feels like in the forest. Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Treatment smooths your hair with rich formula."

Thoughts / Results:
I agree with what it claims to do.  This hair treatment does give my hair shine and smoothness.  I can't tell whether the treatment has enhanced the elasticity of my hair because I haven't experienced very brittle hair that breaks off with a tug.  And the floral scent does remind me of the outdoors.  I think it does a great job on putting a coat of product on my hair to tame the frizzes and flyaways.  But after not using this product for more than a week, my hair starts to return to its original state.  Flyaways return and fluff up my hair after I wash and dry it.  So really, I think this treatment will be best for freshly cut hair and to maintain that state of hair with no split ends.  And I'd recommended being consistent on your hair routine.  Like apply this hair treatment at least once a week, if you consistently fry your hair with hair appliances.
The night before my trip to Vegas, I treated my hair with this product and I find it works great throughout my stay over in Vegas.  I washed my hair every night when I was in Vegas and the results of my hair stayed the same - smooth with shine.  The weather over there is hot and drier - even my lips were calling me to apply some lip balm.  So logically, my hair would have been dry and fluffed up if I washed it everyday without the hair treatment.  I conclude that this product has proved its worthiness.
*Sept 15 update: Putting my hair in a bun with the treatment in my hair, I put on a shower cap and used a hair dryer to put heat on my hair.  Results seem to be no different from not applying heat. 

$14 USD

Product: Shiseido TSUBAKI Damage Care Treatment with TSUBAKI Amino
Rating: 5 / 5

- Gives my hair shine and smoothness
- Scent is good, not irritating
- Tames frizzes and flyaways
- Price is reasonable and better than Macadamia Oil Hair Mask or Morrocanoil hair treatments

- Requires weekly application or however often you use hair appliances - well that's a given, you damage it, you've got to repair it


  1. I've been really wanting to try this as well! I'm glad it's working out for you. Makes me want to go out and buy it!

  2. @Loren: I really think it's worth a try! I got it for $14 USD from, there are probably online shops that sell it for cheaper. You've got to look harder though. I wish I had a relative in Asia that could get me these things. =( But ya, I find it makes my hair feeling soft and lighter (well at least I get the feeling of light airy hair when I whip my hair around - LOL). Oh AND it smells quite nice. Compared to the Macadamia Oil Deep Hair Mask, which was like over $25 CAD, I think this Shiseido Hair Treatment is worth it. There are some eBay sellers that sell it but a little pricier I think - you could try negotiating with them. Anyways, HTH! =)

  3. @Loren: You can try looking on Amazon as well.


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