Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contagion, the movie

I haven't been to the theatres to watch a movie since April or May, which was when I saw Water for Elephants.  Today, I was bored and my friend asked me if I was interested to go see Contagion with her at the theatres tonight.  Tickets tonight at certain theatres are $5.25.  I was a little hesitant to go, since most of the time my friend chooses a movie, it's a drama one.  =\  I prefer to watch action, adventure, comedy and chick flick movies.  Not a fan of horror movies, I find some of them too scary or rather most of them.  And I don't like drama movies because I find the plot usually moves too slow.  You'd know I'm bored of a movie if I start checking my watch to see how long it's been.

Anyways, Contagion is a thriller movie so I thought it wouldn't be so bad.  40 or 50 mins into the movie, I started checking my watch.  =\  There were a few slow parts in the movie.  I kind of expected Matt Damon to play a heroic role where he would save a bunch of people, sadly he doesn't.  Although I do have a habit of washing my hands every time I come home, but this movie has definitely gotten me paranoid about being hygienic.  So tomorrow, I'll be picking up some hand sanitizers at the drug store to keep in my purse.

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