Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: AHA + BHA Daily Peel Pads

What's AHA and BHA? AHA and BHA stands for alpha and beta hydroxy acids, respectively.  They are also widely known as salicylic acid.  They are used as chemical peels of the skin which - when applied - dissolves or exfoliates the outer layer of our skin.  Essentially it speeds up the turnover of our outer layer of skin, removes dry dead skin cells and skin blemishes and in turn, improves our skin texture - soft, youthful-looking, minimizing fine lines, etc.  It is usually recommended to use these chemical peels daily because your body or your skin reacts to the dissolving of the skin by thickening it - a defense mechanism your body naturally performs.  
Now I bought these pads earlier this year - when it was still winter - to remove the dry skin on my nose area.  But I haven't been consistently using them since: (1) it wasn't winter, so my skin was AS dry; (2) I was just too lazy to keep up with using it every other day as recommended by the sales associate; (3) my skin itched after application.

The scent:
Smells like chemicals.  Not particularly strong, not a light scent either.

I wash my face with a cleanser first then apply the "Step 1 - Cleanse" pad, wait a minute for it to do its work on my skin then follow up with the "Step 2 - Peel" pad, wait another minute and apply my moisturizer.  In circular motions, I do go over my whole face with the pads but I concentrate more on my T-zone area where they tends to be more oily areas and more dry skin. 

Step 1 - Cleanse pad
Step 2 - Peel pad

It comes in two separate containers, each soaked with different solutions - Step 1 has the cleansing solution; Step 2 has the peeling effect solution.  The pads are made of thin cotton - one side is bumpy while the other is smooth.  I use the bumpy sides of the peel pads.

What it claims:
"A sophisticated 2-step daily peel formulated with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate dead skin cells and help increase cellular turnover.  Step 1 cleanses skin and better prepares it for improved effectiveness of Step 2 - the peel.  This advanced formula helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, create more even skin tone and increase skin brightness and clarity. Skin feels revitalized and fresh, and stays moisturized thanks to hydrating ingredients that help prevent skin from over drying.  Results are softer, smoother and more radiant-looking skin."

Thoughts / Results:
One of the reasons I don't use these peel pads that often because I don't feel these peel pads work amazingly well.  My skin doesn't feel exceptionally softer.  I was told this B. Kamins AHA + BHA Daily Peel Pads works just like the B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher but I find the polisher works a lot better.  It claims to give softer, smoother and more radiant-looking skin but I feel none of those results apply to me.  My skin isn't any softer and when compared to the polisher, the polisher does a more evident and better job.
Now I don't have a problem with the Step 1 - Cleanser pad, but the Step 2 - Peel pad cause itchy sensation on my skin.  I guess I can describe it as irritation.  However, the packaging does claim this product does gives a 'tingling sensation that may be felt is a sign that the product is active on the skin.'  Then again, it's a itchy sensation that I feel, not a tingling one.
My skin doesn't appear more radiant or bright after using this product. Though I do feel that it works on pimples.  I had a few pimples then I rub the pads over those areas and the next day, the pimple started to get smaller and disappear.
I do feel my skin has thickened overtime after using this product as I had a few milia formed on my cheeks and around the jaw.

$59 CAD

Product: B. Kamins AHA + BHA Daily Peel Pads
Rating: 3 / 5

- Helps relieve and diminish pimples
- I do feel the itchy sensation, meaning the chemical peels ARE reacting to skin

- I do feel my skin has thicken as I find more milia formed on my cheeks and along my jaw line
- doesn't make my skin more radiant or bright

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