Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hair Care Routine

I have a hair care routine but needs major change up because it's not making my hair look any nicer.  I mean I've used and tried a bunch of products but I just can't get my hair the way I want it to.  I used to have nice, smooth and no-frizz hair when I was a kid.  And back then, I didn't put anything in my hair to make it look that way.  So then I realized, it's my diet.  It's what I changed in my eating habits that changed my hair.  I ate more junk food, drank less milk, ate less nutritious foods and more processed foods and it's gotten my hair in a mess that I'm having a hard time to repair! =\  So now, as I'm still trying new products to repair my damaged hair, I'm also trying to eat healthier.  And that means, no chocolate, no candy, no chips, and no pop.  I'm not much of a frequent pop drinker so that doesn't affect me.  I sometimes crave for chocolate so that one is going to be hard to resist.  I'm not much of a candy person either.  And now, chips. Ugh! I kind of love eating chips.  It's such an irresistible munchie.  I see a bag of chips sitting on the counter, I feel like my stomach is calling for it.  Grrr! That one is hard to resist too, but for my overall health and hair, I'm going to have to stop binging on these foods.
I'm trying to grow my hair right now, but once in a while, I give myself a little trim at the ends to stop the split ends from getting worse.  But once I successfully grow my hair, I'm going to get a hair cut at my salon and maintain it with those hair care products that I consistently buy and try.  Honestly, maintaining nice hair requires so much effort

Hair, skin and nails are indicators of whether you're having a healthy diet.  Google it!


  1. Omg chocolate, ice cream, and cake are my weakness and I hate how I HAVE to have dessert after my meal. It's a hard habit to kill :/ Good luck with yours & I hope it helps improve your hair and everything overall! I heard it takes 2 weeks for a person to stop craving!

  2. @Loren: Guess who failed!?!?! LOL I couldn't resist chocolate raisins! Ugh! Thanks for the encouragement though! =D

    But yes, it takes around 2 wks to stop cravings. I tried that during my years in university. And I went without junk food for about 3-4 months, then Coke happened. LOL And that ruined everything else.


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