Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: Origins Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk

This cleansing milk was a sample tube that I bought from one of the MAC warehouse sales I went to last year.  I didn't get a chance to try it out until recently.  I took it on my trip to Las Vegas because I wanted to pack light in case I end up buying too much over in Vegas. And now, here's my opinion of this cleansing milk.

The scent:
I really dislike the scent.  It's not a nice floral scent.  It's more of an outdoor plant smell and I can really smell the olive oil in it.

I take more than a quarter-size amount to rub it all over my face and remove my makeup.  Sometimes, to remove my non-waterproof makeup, I use even more.  The recommended way of applying it is to massage it over damp skin, then rinse off with warm water or tissue off.  I've tried massaging over damp and dry skin and tried rinsing off with warm water and tissued it off.

The consistency:
Much like lotion consistency, so it's not thick nor is it runny.

I like how it's in a tube bottle.  I find tubes are easier to control how much you want to squeeze out.  Yet it's not messy, easy to clean.  This tube contains 50mL of the product, a great sample size amount.

What it claims:
"Emollient-rich Organic Olive Oil and Plant Glycerin instantly melt away makeup, dirt an skin-damaging debris while Origins signature blend of Rose of Jericho, Trehalose and Sea Horicots form a skin-pampering buffer.  Skin looks and feels clean, radiant, renewed and replenished, ready for your Make A Different regimen."

Thoughts / Results:
Like said before, I've tried to apply it with and without damp skin, then rinsing it off with water or tissue it off.  I find any of these combination doesn't completely remove my makeup as it's supposedly suppose to do.  It's even more annoying for removing eye makeup.  I don't feel that my skin looks and feel more clean, radiant, etc.  It doesn't feel like I cleaned my face.  Even after massaging the milk for a long time, it was difficult removing makeup.  And if I still see makeup on my face after using it, I doubt it cleansed my face well.  I much prefer my Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil over this.

$3 CAD (@MAC warehouse sale; I'm unsure of the MSRP as I think they discontinued this product since I can't find it on their site)

Product: Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating cleansing milk
Rating: 1 / 5

- Requires massaging and rinsing off product at least 2 - 3 times before it starts to remove makeup on my face

- Too time-consuming to remove makeup
- Scent is not pleasant
- Doesn't serve its purpose that well

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