Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vegas meals

On the first night I landed in Vegas, my friends and I walked along the streets to decide where to eat.  We ended up at Chipotle, Mexican Grill.  The food was great.  The proportions were LARGE for a $6.95 meal.  I mean you will NOT find a similar meal in similar size and price in Toronto.  Anyways, the food was delicious.  I ordered a burrito bowl with carnitas.  I asked for everything in it and I think it was the salsa that made the food extra spicy.  I could eat my meal, but had to drink water with every bite.  =\  Anyways, I think this baby here was one full day's worth of calories - but I'm sure I burnt off a few hundred after walking along the Strip for the rest of the night.

Next morning, we ate at Grand Lux Cafe in Palazzo Hotel.  We woke up for brunch and I had a Stacked Chicken Quesadilla.  Again the food was took much that I had to pack it away.  Food at Grand Lux Cafe was good and price is decent.  I think it was around $11 for my meal.  Then I ordered a Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake made by Cheesecake Factory - which was DE-LI-CIOUS!!! Yummm, I wish they opened up a Cheesecake Factory in Toronto.  The calorie count for it is probably sky high, but one slice isn't THAT bad considering the amount of walking around we did. 

By the way, the cheesecake isn't that small.  I was too into the cake that I forgot to take a picture BEFORE digging in.

We also ate at our hotel's Pho restaurant and it was very different from the Vietnamese food I have had in Toronto.  I got a curry chicken with rice meal and my friends got Pho.  I've got to say, it wasn't tasty, like the soup was diluted with water.  And sad to say, I forgot to take a picture of the curry chicken =(.

Later on that night, we walked along the Strip, took some pictures like how every tourist would and here's one of me trying to act as if I'm holding the Paris hotel air-balloon with my two fingers. =)

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