Thursday, August 4, 2011

2nd Haul:

Last week on July 26th, I placed an order on and they had a PayPal member promo going on where any purchase using your PayPal account will get you 10% off.  So I couldn't miss out on such an offer and decided to get some skincare and haircare products.  Shipping was super fast and I received it on August 2nd. 

Again, everything is individually bubble wrapped.  =)  

Here are the few products I got (Left to Right) along with the prices I paid:
1.  Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel (1oz, 30mL) - $59.40 USD

2.  Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine NC-550 - $70.20 USD

3.  Shiseido Damage Care Treatment with Tsubaki Amino - $12.60 USD

Total: $142.20 USD
Free Shipping! =)

I've been waiting to try out these three products.  So I'm super excited to start using them.  I've read mixed reviews about the Shiseido hair treatment but there were many great reviews for the other two skincare products.  There definitely be reviews on them! =D
I came across because of Skinceuticals products.  I read a few great reviews on their products so I've been meaning to try them out but it's pretty pricey over here in North America, without tax too! So I googled websites that sold Skinceuticals and was glad I found it being sold on Cosme-de.  =D  But one thing that bothers me about this site and I probably mentioned this before but they run out of stock super fast on some products right after they restock.  So it is a little annoying.  =(


  1. The cleansing machine looks interesting. Hope all the products work out for you! I'm looking forward to review on the shiseido damage care treatment!

  2. @Loren: I've tried both the Hitachi Cleansing Machine and Shiseido Treatment, and they both worked great. I'll probably do a review in 2 wks. ;)


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