Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Persian Cold Wax

How many ways have you tried removing body hair? I've tried shaving, pucking with tweezers and finally waxing.  I've tried the Veet wax strips and they barely work.  Shaving works too but it just gives me thicker and more noticeable hair.  Pucking with tweezers can thin out the hair but also create ingrown hairs and dark armpits.  I finally resorted to cold wax as it was recommended to me by a friend.

The scent:
There is no scent.

Very thick.

Take the provided popsicle stick and twirl up some wax then apply where hair needs to be removed.  Then take the fabric strip and cover the wax area.  Pull the strip parallel to your skin surface in the opposition direction of the way most of your hair grows.  Best to be pulled in one quick motion.

I've tried warming the wax in microwave for easier pick up but it kinda ruins the wax, so I don't recommend it.  I feel the wax becomes less adhesive.

Great packaging.  There is not better method of putting the wax in.  It comes with the wax, two different shaped wooden sticks for application and plenty of reusable, washable fabric strips.

Thoughts / Results:
The wax really does the job well.  It fixed my dark armpits problem.  I haven't noticed any ingrown hairs.  Prior to using wax, I read out way to get rid of dark armpits like using a exfoliating product with beads in it, loofah, and moisturizing after showering.  These methods did lighten the armpits a bit but not by much.  Wax really does the job well, it easily pulls those hairs out of the pores.  Much better than pucking one by one.  The one flaw is that sometimes, the wax can't get to all the hair.  Probably due to the short hair length, which is forgivable as the wax can't grab a tight enough how to yank out the barely coming out hairs.  I usually wait until my hair is about 0.3 - 0.5 cm long before I wax.

My legs aren't hair so I don't really bother with them.  My leg hair is barely noticeable. 

Another good thing is its all natural ingredients.

$16.99 CAD (I believe this was the cost I paid at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Product: Persian Cold Wax
Rating: 5 / 5

- Helped my dark armpit problem
- Haven't found any ingrown hairs
- Convenient and efficiently removes hair

- Doesn't remove smaller hairs but that's forgivable


  1. I am going to try the product! Btw what time of the day is it best to wax like right before bed or after I shower? Also, right after waxing its best to exfoliate right?

    1. @ysa: I wax right before I jumped into the shower and I shower at night. The wax is sticky so showering will wash off any excess wax left on your skin. You could exfoliate your armpits with a loofah before waxing, that way you could get the smaller hair stuck under the skin. However, remember to wax when your skin is dry. The cold wax doesn't work on wet skin.

      Hope this helped!

    2. THANK YOU ♥ This really helped!

  2. Thanks for I'm going to try this product now! Btw what time of the day is it best to wax? Like is it more affective to wax after showering or before going to bed. Please let me know! Thanks again!


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