Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haul: Boots

Winter is ending soon and guess what? Boots are on sale! Well, maybe not many sizes available anymore BUT you can still give it a shot and look around for some deals that MAYBE you'll come upon a pair of boots you'll love. A two weeks ago, I originally went shopping @Winners (TJMaxx equivalent) for a bottle of CHI heat protectant but instead, I found a pair of boots on clearance.  =) Which were these Steve Madden:

I wanted knee boots ever since I saw a girl @my gym with similar boots but hers were in black.  And What I like about these is the elastic on the back:
I love them even more because there's a 1 inch heel to them.  And I could easily match some of my clothes with them. These cost me $45 CAD + tax @Winners.

Then about last week, I went back to Winners just to shop around and see what other deals I could find. And I came upon these furry knee boots:

My eyes landed on these and I quickly snatched them =). LOL There were such a steal deal! I got these for $36 CAD + tax.  They're more of an Autumn or Spring pair of boots because the soles of these boots have little to no grip. I love these because they're versatile, I can worn two ways - as a pair of high knee boots or a pair of Eskimo boots. These boots are made by a brand named Report - clearly not a known brand. But I don't exactly buy into brands. It's really just marketing and the hype people make them into. I prefer design and quality over brand.

Ok, next I have up a pair of Hunter boots dupe.  I never really liked rain boots because I find them not very fashionable.  But then I came upon these:

Yes, you may not agree they look nice. But I was thinking I could pull off with these in the winter. I bought these because they fall more on the durable side.  I bought these @Joe Fresh - which they sell in Loblaws (Supermarket in Canada).  They were on clearance for $16.94 CAD + tax.  I could pair this with a plaid shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Oh and of course, for winter, I'd need high knee socks as these don't exactly have a warm inner lining.

So this is it for now. Bottom line, winter is ending soon - even though I'm looking outside my window and it's clearly snowing - so clearance boot shopping soon! =)

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