Friday, February 11, 2011

Haul: Crown Brushes

A few days ago, I was looking around online for some dupes of MAC 182, 219 and 168. Then I came upon Crown brushes and found that there's a walk-in and online stop in Toronto that sells Crown brushes. I've never bought brushes online because I feel that it's better if I can touch/feel its quality and test them out before putting my money down for them. I first heard about Crown brushes from people who went to IMATS in Toronto, but since there's a shop in Toronto, I'd rather just shop at the store while I'm in the area. The shop is called Jordan Cosmetics and they seem like a wholesale store that sells a variety of makeup and brushes. They carry makeup of their own brand, Kryolan and some other theatrical makeup. When I opened the door into the store, there was a dog sitting right behind the door and he/she was so cute. I think it was a Shih Tzu but it was so adorable. My friend on the other hand is afraid of dogs, she panics and I could literally hear it in her voice. LOL!!

Anyways, I spoke to the lady there and she was so nice and helpful. I guess she's a makeup artist and teaches makeup. And I guess I could've googled it, but I asked what's the best way to clean synthetic brushes and she told me bar soap works really well - i.e. Dove, Olay, etc.

So for my Toronto or GTA blog readers, if you're looking for affordable alternative brushes, go ahead and check it out. I don't quite recommend buying brushes online. You don't really know what the brushes feels like, and how well they work until you have it in your hands to test out. When I first researched Crown brushes, many people said the Badger lines are pretty good, but I when I got there and felt them, they weren't as soft as people raved it to be. =(

So here's what I got:

Left to right:
C405 (Studio Pro) - $8.99 CAD
PP27 (Perfectly Pink) - $2.63 CAD
C213 (Studio) - $2.39 CAD
SS016 (Syntho) - $19.12 CAD

In terms of price, it's pretty decent. I spent a total of $37.44 CAD, tax included.

I just finished washing them after taking these photos, now waiting for them to dry. After I try these out for a good month or so, I'll do a review on them. But for now, all I can tell you is that these brushes have a slight scent to them - I guess it's because they're new.


  1. oooh interesting! thanks for the heads up, im really interested in the prices tho hmm. bc they are so far for me to visit. it wud suck to drive all the way and they ed up to be super expensive or smth =P

  2. @Miss Jayce: hehehehe.. Ya, thanks for reminding me, I realized I forgot to put the prices I spent on each brush. I don't think it's too expensive. Their prices are exactly the same on their websites. I guess it's because they're a wholesale kind of a deal that's why they're located in a factory building area. My friend was making fun of me for bringing her to sketchy area.

  3. Wow, that is amazing. I went to IMATS 2 years ago (toronto) and the prices were slightly cheaper at IMATS, US prices. But, it also cost $35 to get in...Thanks for this!

  4. @Annie: No problem ;) The downside is that it's located in a pretty hidden area and for me, it's pretty far.

  5. is it possible to get to the store by riding the ttc? and about how far is it from eaton centre?

    sorry, i'll be visiting toronto soon and my only means of transportation will be the ttc.

  6. @Jennifer: TTC does reach, but it's a little far from Toronto Eaton Centre. Busing there will take an hour and a bit.

    Go to Google Map and map out your travel route from "220 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 2H1" to "80 Penn Drive Toronto, Ont. M9L 2A9". Then select the bus route and it'll give you the directions, what bus to take and how long it'll take to get there from Eaton Centre to Jordane Cosmetics.

    Hope this helped! =)


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