Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking for Korean Makeup?

I'm not too familiar with too many Korean makeup and skincare brands, but I recently went to a Korean makeup and skincare shop that carried Missha, Dr. Jart, SKIN79, etc. I was intentionally looking for Lioele's eyebrow pencil but the sales told me they didn't carry that brand. Then she gave me a sample of Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream with SPF 25PA++ in No. 23 to try out, which I will use in my following first post on FOTD look. I can't really review it as it's a sample and I can't quite compare its anti-wrinkling effect.  However I can tell you that it does do what it claims on other things like medium-to-full coverage, brightening, long-lasting and evens out complexion. There is a very light scent to it, not a bad one.

The sales spoke Korean and English, so I'd assume her products are authentic and from Korea.  For Torontonians, if you don't feel comfortable purchasing Korean makeup and skincare from eBay, you can definitely check out this store. They have testers out for you to swatch the different kinds of BB cream they have.  I was considering on trying the SKIN79 Super Plus BB cream but I thought I should do some research and read some reviews on it before making my purchase.

Store location:
inside New Century Plaza
Beauty Credit
398 Ferrier St
Markham, ON

**Thanks to Joan for updating me on the name of the Korean beauty shop.  There is a big dollar store in the basement of New Century Plaza and the location of this Korea store is just up and in front of the stairs. 
Clearly, the BB cream has covered my red blood vessels on my face, partially covered the recent pimples I have on my chin and my dark circles.  It's brightened my complexion. My face looks a little dull and not flushed in the before picture compared to the after picture. Therefore it does give a dewy glow finish.


  1. hi michelle i like going there too really great prices compared to the ripoff that is pmall cosmetic stores... the store btw is called beauty credit. :)

  2. @Joan: Thanks for telling me the shop name! =) I haven't shopped in pacific mall for a while, so I didn't even know they sold Korean cosmetic/skincare. Well, I know there is one beauty shop that sells Hong Kong beauty stuff in pacific mall but the prices are a little ridiculous. It's located right at the main entrance - on the escalator side.


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