Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reviving Urban Decay Primer Potion

A few months ago, I did a post on how I depot my UDPP which I then stored into a small container.  But now, the problem is drying out.  When UDPP dries out, it doesn't blend into your skin as well.  So I came up with spritzing some Evian facial spray and mixing it in the UDPP.  Results? It does revive the creamier texture and it lasted almost 12 hours on my lids without creasing.  Usually, 12 hours is enough but the original, not dried out version of the UDPP could last even longer than 12 hours on my eyelids without creasing.
For those who have UDPP or MAC paint pots, you can help slow down its drying rate by storing it upside down. 

I haven't tried other alternatives but I would assume MAC Fix+ would work too.
Left: UDPP swatch
Right: Blended UDPP

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