Thursday, July 21, 2011

Latest Update

I haven't updated myself on here for awhile but no worries, I'm still here, just been a little busy and a bit lazy - haha.  For one, I hung out with some of my high school friends last week's Wednesday.  We had lunch in Toronto at Aji Sai Japanese Food Restaurant to try out their All-You-Can-Eat lunch.  There were quite a few people there, probably because of their lunch special for $12.99 CAD and most of their customers are most likely university students.  This was pretty much our order, but keep in mind there were just 3 of us (girls).  The food was decent.  I prefer the Dragon Rolls over the rest of the stuff we ordered.  Unfortunately, all their rice were warm rather than cool.  =( Haha, not trying to do a review but just wanted to share my experience in case any one of you Torontonians want to try it out.  I tend to look up places to try on ever since I discovered that site, to find good places to try out.  If you've got some good similar sites, comment below and share!!! =)  But anyways, have you ever been Aji Sai? What'd you think?

On last week's Friday and Saturday, Markham held their Night It Up! night market.  I wish I had my camera but too bad I didn't.  But it was busy, especially Friday! It was packed like sardines at some point in the night.  Haha we messed up a few times on both nights on people's orders and one of the guys got pissed off waiting for his food =\ . Honestly, when you're at a night market where you have to line up EVERYWHERE for food, you can't really complain about waiting too long.  Anyways, if you want to see a full-of-spirit Asian night and you don't mind the wait, definitely check out next year's night market.


  1. I just went to Aji Sai last week! soo good isnt it?! yummm :) this picture is making me hungry lol

  2. Oh I went to Aji Sai like 2 weeks ago for dinner. One of the better AYCE sushi places in my opinion but iunno don't feel like I ever eat my money's worth at AYCE...

    Also I went to Night It Up too!~ Were you working at a booth?

  3. @charlene-ann: haha when my friend ordered the dragon rolls, I panicked because I wasn't sure she could finish it all. We ended up making the food look like we took a bite out of the last few pieces. Luckily, I haven't been charged for wasting food - though it's a bad habit =(. But the food was alright, again, the rice was too warm for my taste - probably because I've never had warm rice with sushi before.

    @Joan: I don't hang out in downtown that often so I don't know many AYCE places are down there; or rather any places to compare Aji Sai with. But true, sometimes I can't eat as much and I feel that eating at a regular Japanese restaurant would have been sufficient. As for Night It Up, yup I was working at one of the booths. We were selling freshly bbq cooked seafood. Which day did you go?

  4. Saturday which I hear was less crowded :P


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