Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville

This isn't a review, but just a blurb.  I am absolutely lovin' this foundation.  I used my MAC 187 and stippled it on and I'm lovin' the way it settles and blends into my skin.  Problem is, it's a little light.  I had to blend it down my neck.  I could pull this off during the winter, but probably not so much during the summer.  =|  I'll post a picture of me with the foundation on, tomorrow, using the sun light as my lighting.
I'll review this in a week or so.  I need to test its lasting power.


  1. ooh i really want to see how it looks on you! the lighting in there is so bad, i can barely see the difference between mont blanc, deauvile and gobi.

    if this shade is too light, i think gobi might be better for you, on the site it says it's for asian tone or something =P

  2. I'm glad you like it. If only if I knew there was a sale, I could've bought a summer colour (Santa Fe)! My winter shade is still too light at the moment =(. But I suggest that you can use a darker finishing powder to make it look more natural.

    @MissJayce I saw those too, it's so stereotypical! Us Asian have different skin tones too! I think Ceylan is a little bit too pink for the so called "Asian skin". Fiji on the other hand is more yellow toned. So I'm just going to ignore those "colour description" LOL.


  3. @MissJayce: Ya that's true, the lighting at the sale was horrible. I couldn't really tell the difference between the swatches. Rather it was the bottles that showed how light they were. You went back on Sunday right? Did you pick up NARS foundation on Sunday?

    @Rica: I agree, the website is a little misleading. But someone told me about temptalia's Foundation Matrix. I checked it out and I think I'm either Fiji or Ceylan. I should have bought Santa Fe though. That way I can blend the two and see how it works on my skin. =| Ugh!

  4. @rica, tweeted you back!

    @Michelle, yea i did go back! i picked the firming foundation series because im skeptical about aging even though im still young for that. the ladies there thought i was crazy (literally giving me cut eyes) but im thinking, they are crazy for not having prevention. and cus i like the pump bottles =P hahah! i picked up mont blanc and deauville. its just such an awesome price! lol i did put it on for blog sale for now. just incase anyone wanted it. initally i thought i would mix the two for my blend cus my skin varies between the two shades! if one of them sells, ill keep the other. hehe :P

  5. How many colours did they have when you got in? because I swear I only saw siberia, mont blanc and gobi for sheer glow... gosh they sell out of stuff fast! D:

  6. @MissJayce: Ya that's a good idea. *sigh* But I never thought of that when I was there. =( LOL Let fate plays its role.

    @Joan: Oh really? LOL, I guess there was Siberia, I just didn't noticed it. I didn't look at the dark shades either. There may have been darker shades. But I guess I was just focusing on ones that were closer to my skin tone.


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