Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming Up: Shiseido Warehouse Sale

Since I don't have access to the invitations, I'll be lining up early on the Saturday morning.

A little about their deals:
They have quite a few things there.  Last time they had NARS duo blush and bronzer, eyeshadows and palette sets.  They had quite a bit of Shiseido skincare, but no sunscreen products left.  The downside about their skincare deals.  It's not really much of a deal when they're ~10-15% off.  I was kind of looking forward to at least 50% like the MAC warehouse sales.  They carried Orlane products, some random perfume, shampoo and conditioner (really cheap like Joico for $5 per bottle when they retail for ~$10 per bottle).

Overall, if it's your first time going, you've got to be careful of overspending.  It's super easy to overspend!


  1. I avoid warehouse sales because I know it's crazy packed, hard to get invites and I would just spend too much. Have fun if you go!

  2. ooh this sounds interesting. i do need to buy some stuff. im from toronto too! let me know if u might want to meet up!


  3. I'm interestedd! :) But first I wanna research to see if there's any other review on this warehouse sale :)

  4. @Justine: i agree it's crazy packed in there and lining up outside was pretty chilly in may, but depending on what you're looking fwd to get, it could be worth it. if you have nothing to do on this saturday, and you've never been to a shiseido sale, then def give it a try.

    @MissJayce: i'm def looking fwd to meetups. my bff has work on saturday and i'd love people to company me during those long lines.

    @priincess emily: ya def come along. the more the merrier. =) last time i went, they had the discontinued shiseido products - i guess they were trying to get rid of it before/while promoting their new advanced white lucent products.


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