Sunday, June 27, 2010

News Update

Please be aware that I do post weekly, whether it's 3-4 times a week or not, I do post. It's just for convenience sake that I move my blog sale up to the top/latest news on my blog so it'll be easily found. Anyways, enjoy!

ps: remember to follow me! ;)
pss: I've added a page on the right side bar, titled "Feedback". It's dedicated for buyer's confidence on my blog sales.



  1. I love blog sales... too bad I'm so broke that I can't afford anything right now! Oh BTW - so it is weird that petroleum jelly is not good for you b/c this nurse at my dermatologist's office told me that it is an ingredient often used in skin med especially for bad/infected rashes or wounds. For me, Burts Bees is #1! I also like CO Bigelow's stuff but I just love Burts Bees. My chapped lips go away and my lips always feel really soft.


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