Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Olay Complete Lathering Cleanser

So I got this in the mail a while ago after signing up on PG Sampler pack website.  This sample pack is absolutely free.  I think it's their way of marketing and advertising.  Anyways, I've used it a few times when I hop into the shower.
What's good about it? It does clean my face, however, take in mind that I do use my Clarisonic. So if you don't have a Clarisonic, I'd recommend using a facial massaging brush.  I think this cleanser is another average cleanser.  It doesn't make me 'wow' after using it.
I have an oily nose and I always feel like my pores get clogged really easily.  I can feel the lumpiness on the sides of my nose filled with gunk.  After using this with my Clarisonic, my pores do feel a little unclogged but it's a semi-relieved feeling.
What's not so good about this? When lathering this product on my face, it forms very little foam.  And after using it, you don't get that feeling of tightness on your face so I really question the effectiveness of cleansing my face with this product.  Also, I don't get that soft  skin after-feeling.

Product: Olay Complete Lathering Cleanser
Rating: 1/5

- Semi-cleans my face and unclogs my pores, not fully done

- Doesn't leave my skin feeling soft
- No tightness of the face after using it
- Doesn't foam


  1. weird that a "lathering cleanser" would not foam.

  2. ya i know! i felt a little disappointed =(


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