Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AE jeans + mini LUSH haul

I went Markville Mall today with my best friend from university and was intentionally shopping for a pair of jeans.  We walked into AE because she said AE was having some sort of sale on their capris, so I thought I'd get a pair.  But instead, I found myself a pair of slim boot cut jeans.  I was contemplating whether I should get it - thinking they were just $29.95 - I wasn't too sure since I wasn't too fond on the wash.  The tag was ripped off so I asked the cash to check the price and they were actually $19.95! =) So yes, I bought them.  Now that I'm home, staring at my jeans, I'm starting to think the wash is too light for my liking.  So I started thinking that maybe - just mayyybe - I can dye them.  Risky eh? Considering I've never dyed my clothes before so I'm going decide for a few more days before making the final decision.

Just before leaving Markville Mall, I went into Lush and picked up these 2 items - Emotibomb in Sex in the Shower (left; $4.50 CAD) and Body Butter in Buffy (right; $11.95 CAD).  I haven't used them yet.  Probably will use them tmrw.
Oh, the sales gave me a Shower Gel in Grass.  It actually smells like grass to me =\ .  *meh* I'm not much of a grass person. 

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