Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm contemplating on....

I'm contemplating whether I should try out the Smashbox PhotoFinish Foundation primer in Color Adjust or not.  I've been using Smashbox PhotoFinish Foundation Oil-Free primer for quite sometime, on and off actually, and I find that it works well on me.  I don't really use foundation anymore and that's because I don't need much coverage.  I just use my concealer and set it with face powder.  The thing about my skin is the little red blood vessels on my cheeks.  It doesn't bother me a lot, but I'd prefer that I didn't have any or be able to conceal them.  So I'm thinking about trying the Smashbox primer in Color Adjust.  I mean, the best way to cover up my blood vessels is to use concealer.  And I've been successfully covering up my blood vessels using the Oil-free primer + Amazing concealer (it actually is amazing by the way).  But there are days when I'm too lazy to pack on so much stuff on my face so I want something - i.e. green primer - to help reduce the redness. Hmmm. I'm probably dropping by Sephora tomorrow to pick one up.


  1. i tried the green color adjust primer years ago. It's super oily! It did not work on my skin, and actually gave me a pretty bad cystic acne outbreak.

    The oil free primer just gave me regular pimples.

  2. Thank goodness you told me. I thought I was going to stop by Sephora today to get it, but the mall I shopped at today didn't have a Sephora store so I haven't bought it yet. Now I guess I can save some of my 'cha-ching'. LOL! Thanks!


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