Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pore-reducing Home Remedy

I just tried out this home remedy that I googled a few days ago.  It's lemon juice + cucumber juice + a little water to dilute the acidity of the lemon juice.  It was actually suppose to be rose water, but I don't have roses on hand to make rose water so I had to substitute it with just water.  I googled what are the benefits of rose water and I read some info that rose water is suppose to give you a better complexion and act like a toner, give you a brighter complexion, etc etc.  So anyways what I did was, I used a facial sauna to steam my face - this open my pores - until my face was dripping with sweat.  Then I took a facial mask cloth, soaked it in my "lemon + cucumber juice + water" formula and placed it on my face for a good 10 min.  Cleansed my face after 10 mins and applied my moisturizer on.  I noticed the decrease in my pore size.

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