Saturday, June 12, 2010

Makeup Sales

As I said before, I started really looking into makeup since last year.  It was the time when there was the hype about makeup gurus on Youtube.  So me, being the sucker I am, got sucked into this hype and eventually got addicted to shopping for makeup.

A month or so back, my friends and I went to these makeup warehouse sales. Me being me, I just could not resist spending money on makeup =( . This also means some big damage to my wallet =| . So look out for some blog sale sooon!!

Here's what I bought from the last Shiseido sale:
Left to right: P13 red cool, SL5 rouge irise, P21 Praline, 4

Skincare + Lip products + blush + foundation + shampoo/conditioner + eyelash curler:

Joico set + NARS makeup sets + NARS bronzer + Shiseido Skincare 1-2-3:

Last Friday, I went to the MAC sale and got some great deal goodies. =) It was actually my first time going to the MAC sale.  My friend and I started lining up an hour before the sale opened. I heard some people started lining up at 4AM - crazy, I know.

Here's what I got at the MAC sale:
Top - Left to right: Splendid, Coral 08, Varneesh
Bottom: Crosswires, Way to Love, Marquise D'

Here's my makeup collection for my eyes:

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