Friday, August 24, 2012

Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA

My friends and I took a trip to British Columbia last week.  We lived in Richmond, BC for the whole week we were there.  We went to a few places; sadly, we didn't go for many scenery locations. 

I took this picture over in Victoria, BC and that's me at the bottom waving at the people in the paintings on that wall. 

We took one day and drove down to Seattle, WA and did some sightseeing and shopping.  We went to the Pike Market, hoping to see how they 'throw' the fish when you make an order as we were told that's what they do; but it was apparently a lie.  There was a sign saying "no, we don't throw fish". 

Now here's my haul from my trip.  We went shopping in Seattle Premium Outlet Mall in Seattle, Robson Street and Aberdeen Centre in BC.

From Seattle Outlet, I was so happy to find a LeSportSac outlet there.  The LeSportSac bag I brought with me on the trip was getting dirty and I somehow puncture two tiny holes on the bottom.  I ended up getting a new LeSportSac backpack.  It originally retailed for $108 USD but I got it for $37.80 USD.

At Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, I went into Daiso - a store where majority of the items are $2.  It's much like Dollarama in Toronto.  Majority - if not all - of their products are made in China but their packaging are written in Japanese.  I guess it's the Japanese concept but mass produced in China.  Anyways, I bought hair accessories in Daiso.

On Robson Street, much like Queen Street in Toronto, we went into Holt Renfrew and I finally gave in and bought myself a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Josephine Wallet.  As I was talking to the sales associate at the LV counter, she told me Alberta has an even lower sales tax than both ON and BC.  Actually, it frustrates me that ON residents have to pay 13% HST on everything!

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  1. That's a really nice haul. I want to got to Daiso someday lol and yeah the taxes in ON and the duty fees when you shop too much online. >.>


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