Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge

This product comes in three versions: light, regular and enriched.  When I bought this at the Shiseido and Nars warehouse sale, I assumed the regular Night Moisture Recharge was just right for me.  I had the thought that super hydration at night was perfect but thinking about it now, I should have gotten the light version.

The scent: It has a floral scent but doesn't smell like synthetic.  It smells more like actual flowers.

Consistency: It is a lotion that is more runny than thick.

Application:  After cleansing and toner / softener, I take two pumps of hydrating B5 serum, then apply this lotion by giving less than one pump on my palm and rubbing my palms together before patting and pressing the lotion on.

Packaging:  It has a pump dispenser.  Comes with 75 mL or 2.5 fl oz of product.

What it claims:  "A multi-action nighttime revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin while you sleep. Restores softness, smoothness, and a healthy-looking glow."

Thoughts / Results:
This product line - The Skincare - is designed for normal and combination skin which is suppose to be the right version for my skin type but I dislike the immediate greasy or sticky after-feeling.  But the sticky feeling does go away after 2 to 3 hours.  It's definitely not a lightweight lotion.  In terms of its claims, I don't feel much change in the texture of my skin.  It didn't give me a softer or smoother skin.  However after one week of using this lotion, I started noticing a slight - like very tiny - radiance in my skin the next morning.  I can't tell how it counteracts signs of daytime damage because I don't see any changes to the little sun damages on my skin.  Perhaps the change is too miniscule for me to notice.  Or maybe the daytime damage it means is your skin loses moisture during the day and this lotion is suppose to recover the dehydration damage at night. 

At first I couldn't recognize the scent of this lotion, it wasn't deterring but I just wasn't fond of it.  After maybe 3 weeks of using it, I realize it's the smell of actual flowers.  And yes, I don't like the authentic scent of flowers.

It's really easy to use up too much of this lotion, but a small amount - like half a pump - is good enough because this lotion is an intensive hydrating overnight treatment.  Too much of it will only make you feel greasy or oily and not necessary help your skin get more hydrated.

I'd say this lotion is best for normal/combination skin individuals during the winter when our skin loses the most moisture.  Well most people don't have lacking moisture problems during the summer or even you do, make sure you drink enough water to replenish your internal body moisture. 

Cost:  $55 CAD / $42.50 USD MSRP @Sephora (I bought my bottle from Shiseido and NARS warehouse sale for $30 CAD)

Product:  Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge
Rating: 3.5 / 5

- Maintains the moisture in your skin not necessary improves it
- One pump or even less is enough for the entire face
- Gives very little radiance in my skin the next morning
- No problems with milia or breakouts
- Have no problems with applying foundation; no cakiness

- Price
- Sticky / greasy after-feel
- Hydrating effects are not observable the next morning
- Not fond of the scent


  1. I bought the moisture recharge eye cream for this same line at the warehouse and totally regret getting it. It's way to rich for my skin!

    1. I agree, it is. I use half a pump, rub my hands and then pat it on my skin but it still feels too much the next morning. =\


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