Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: NARS The Mulitple in Turks & Caicos

Cream blush on a stick? I didn't have a good experience with my last cream blush, Stila Convertible Cream Blush.  So honestly, I was skeptical purchasing this, not just because it's a cream blush but also it's a bright orange colour.  From my experiences, orange doesn't look good on me as it makes me look yellow.  But this multiple didn't.  I would have never bothered to pick up this product to even swatch it if it weren't for the girl that worked there.  She wasn't trying to push me to buy it but she casually told me she was wearing this same product on her cheeks and the colour isn't as orange as it looks when applied on.  Believe it or not, when this cream blush oxidizes - meaning it comes into contact with air - on your skin, it will appear more pink.  And yes, it is a pretty colour.  I believe this product was a special edition NARS Multiple in Summer of 2010, but I purchased this at the Shiseido and Nars warehouse sale last year. 

The scent: No scent

Consistency: Cream

Application:  I warm up the product with my ring finger by directly rubbing it.  I lightly dab the product on my finger onto my cheeks.

Maximum extension - all the product
Packaging:  It's in the form of a stick.  Twist it to lift the product out of the packaging.

Thoughts / Results:
Because I bought this at the warehouse sale, it doesn't come in a paper boxed packaging.  Personally, I prefer this cream stick packaging over the typical sleek compact case.  The packaging or the product itself doesn't get messy over time.

Because this is a cream product and for individuals like myself who uses foundation to achieve a uniform complexion, the blush doesn't dry completely on top of liquid or cream foundation.  It's the foundation that causes the sticky, non-drying feel.  Applying pressed powder to set my foundation will only make my cheeks appear cakey.

I've experimented with the multiple to test its lasting power:
1.  Primer + liquid foundation + The Multiple = Blush didn't last 6 hours
2.  Primer + liquid foundation + The Multiple + Powder Blush = Lasted at least 8 hours and was wearing off

I suspect if this cream blush were to apply directly on skin with no foundation, it would last a long time as well.

Overall, the colour itself is very nice.  The quality of the product is good.  It applies sheer, very easy to blend and has a relatively lasting power.

Cost:  $15 CAD @Shiseido and NARS warehouse sale (MSRP: $46 CAD / $39 USD)
Swatched twice

Product: NARS The Multiple in Turks & Caicos
Rating: 4. 5 / 5

- Great staying power
- Colour is nice
- Easily blendable
- Applies sheer and slightly buildable
- Multi-uses - eyes, lips and cheeks
- Nourishing

- Have to avoid pressed powder so that cheeks won't cake

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