Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Cle De Peau Essence Contre Sebum - Oil Balancing Gel

Back in 2008, my mom and I traveled to Hong Kong to visit some relatives.  The weather in Asia is very different from here in Canada.  My skin was constantly oily and because the air in Hong Kong is humid and polluted, I could take a tissue and wipe off black dirt from a day's worth of being outdoors.  So when we made a side trip to Japan, we went to a department store where they sold different high end brands.  I had no idea what Cle De Peau was back then.  I walked up to a Shiseido counter (a brand I recognized) and the sales lady introduced me to this product.  I later did some research on Cle De Peau and realized it's a higher end brand distributed by Shiseido.  In terms of effects, I find it works really well.

The scent: A light minty smell

Consistency:  Gel form

Application: After using cleanser and toner, I only dab this product on pimples and rub a bit of it on the nose and chin.  Then I follow up with some moisturizer.

Packaging:  Comes in a pump.  Very hygienic.  Comes in 30 g.

What it claims: "A gel that suppresses excess T-zone oils and helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores."

Thoughts / Results:
The scent is so light that once applied, you can't smell it.  It's in the form of gel so its effects are long-lasting.  I find it's more effective after exfoliating and cleansing the skin so that the pores are unclogged.  That way it can shrink up the pores, leaving little space for formation of blackheads.  Effects are also immediate.  I can see my skin instantly matifies after application without flaking the skin.  It's best used at night because underneath primer and foundation, it may form clumps if you don't let it dry completely.

Each application doesn't require much and the pump packaging gives me enough product.

Cost:  Around ¥5000 (equivalent to ~$60 CAD)

Product: Cle De Peau Essence Contre Sebum
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Effectively matifies skin
- Shrinks the appearance of pores
- Can feel and see nose and chin aren't as oily throughout the day
- Leaving product on a pimple overnight can really shrink it up

- Very pricey


  1. Thx for your review. I bought some cle de peau at the shiseido warehouses sale this past weekend and I am looking forward to it as I heard many good things about it. I just started blogging pls visit my site and give me some comments Thx!

    1. Ya I guess higher price comes with better quality.


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