Sunday, May 20, 2012

How I met a Bitter Person yesterday...

Call me judgmental or stereotypical and a hypocrite but I am one of those people who hates to judge a book by its cover yet I STILL do it.  Yesterday my cousin asked me if I have any female family physician I can recommend her.  I told her about mine who is young and she's opened a fairly new clinic nearby, so we drove over to the clinic to book an appointment.  There were two receptionists there and I kindly asked the elder one if they would accept my cousin as their patient.  Instead of kindly responding with a 'no Dr. "so-and-so" is currently not accepting new patients', she VERY rudely said no.  So right off the bat, I could tell what kind of woman she was.  Here's where I'm a hypocrite, I say I don't judge a book by its cover yet I still do it.  From my experience as a part-time receptionist and a few other jobs where I worked as a customer service rep, I can tell what kind of a person she was.  She has clearly been working at that job for a fair number of years, and probably feels confident, full of pride and well-respected for her seniority.  She is probably quite bitter about either the job or where she is in life - what I mean is 15 years down the road, she will probably still be behind that desk checking in patients and asking them for their health cards.  She is most likely the kind that will gossip about you behind your back AND give you an attitude in front of your face without being self-conscious of how she presents herself.
Anyways after she said a "no", LUCKILY my physician was behind the receptionist, I kindly ask my physician if she can take just one more patient.  So she asked my cousin, other than myself, are any of our relatives patients of their clinic and whether she was coming in for illness or a check-up.  We answered her then the receptionist HAPPEN to see a time slot available yesterday so she accepted my cousin as her patient.  *Yay*  The receptionist told my cousin to fill in the new patient form and told her to wait 15 mins. .... You would THINK everything is happy joy-joy after this... but NOOOoo, the receptionist HAD to voice her opinion VERY loudly - like she doesn't need a microphone for me to hear her from the other end of the clinic.  Her words were not only loud but also subtly attacked us.  She turned to look at my physician and sarcastically says "oh doctor why don't you accept ME as your patient too? I'm SoooOOo lucky today.  Really, I'm sooo lucky.  I'm the one-thousand-and-one....." Then she also said some other crap but I just totally ignored her after the first two sentences that came out of her mouth.  Honestly, is that even necessary??? Please stop humiliating yourself; you're probably in your early 40s, so woman, act your age.  I mean I understand that I "jumped" over the receptionist to approach the doctor and asked her to accept a new patient AND she agreed.  So she was probably a little angry at me for doing that because she lost a bit of respect there.  But dearie, you work for the doctor.  If the doctor - who is YOUR employer - gives a nod, I'm sorry but you don't have a say.  And if it's not your position to give an opinion, then shut up and just go along with it.  Because honestly, your opinion is irrelevant, it won't change anything after the decision has been made.  ... Like I looked at her, and all I saw was just a fool who was clearly angry but she couldn't do anything about it ... Funny thing is before I left, I smiled and said 'thank you'.  I'm sure that bothered her but if she wasn't so rude to start off with, I probably would not have "stepped over her" to personally ask the doctor.

Sooo from this, I once again proved to myself that having a high EQ is very important in life.  There are people who will always attack you in every possible way at all times; but as long as you hold yourself together and not retaliate in such situations, you will not only get what you want but also see that you are at a different level than they are.  It is what you do that defines YOU and makes you a better person than they are.

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