Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Haul

Last week, I placed my first order from  *Yay*  Since last October, I've been afraid to place online orders over $80 because of Canada customs tax.  I'm relieved my Sasa order didn't get taxed.  *phew*  I spent over $90 USD on my haul, some of which I've been meaning to purchase.

1.  Suzuran Attirer puff (120 sheets) - $1.60 USD
These cotton pads are made of 100% cotton.  I've read some good reviews on them for being inexpensive and good quality, so I thought I've give them a try.  I suppose they're similar to the Shiseido 100% cotton pads but an inexpensive version.

2.  Thursday Plantation Tea Tree medicated gel for acne (25 g) - $12.80 USD
For the past 8 months or so, I've been breaking out under my cheekbones, on the chin and forehead.  My breakout period is nearly over and my skin is clearing up, returning to its appearance a year ago.  =)  Like every girl, I really want to minimize the forming of maturing pimples; so after a bit of researching and reading up reviews, I decided to purchase this in hopes of taming my random breakouts.

3.  JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milky Lotion - $14.90 USD
It's summer and as much as I love tanning once in a while, I'd love to have backup products to whiten and brighten my skin.

4.  OMI Salanoveil SPF 50 PA+++ White UV Cut Lotion (40 mL) - $7.10 USD
This should be an interesting product to use as it has a high SPF, whitening ingredients, moisturize and re-hydrates the skin.

5.  Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Essence (30 g) - $21.10 USD

Again, a whitening product I've been meaning to purchase for its whitening effects.  Some say it works, other way it doesn't but I've have to see for myself.

6.  Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist (250 mL) - $12.70 USD
I've purchased a lot of toner lately but I've read a lot of good reviews for its effects - allowing better foundation application.  **update: this is NOT a toner.  Supposedly, this product gives skin super hydration so again, I'm looking forward to try this out.

7.  Sana Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner Ex - $11.20 USD
This last time I purchased a felt-tip liquid eyeliner, it was the MAC penultimate eyeliner and honestly, it sucked.  So I was a little iffy about purchasing another felt-tip liquid eyeliner.  I've been fine with gel and pencil eyeliners but I thought I'd give another liquid eyeliner another try since I prefer the precise and sharp line it gives.

8.  AB Mezical Double Eyelid Eyelift Fibers (60 pieces) - $12.60 USD
Looking at my past photos on here, you would see that I have double eyelids.  So why did I buy these? Well I'm starting to notice I have hooded eyes.  Apparently they can develop with age and many Asians have this issue.  So after a bit of researching online, I found out double eyelid tapes can solve that problem.  I'll probably need plenty of practise.  =\

9.  Biore Facial Foaming Whitening (100 mL) - $3.90 USD
A facial cleanser for less than $4 USD? How can I pass up on this?

10.  Nail Clipper - free gift
The only practical gift I found useful beside the lipstick pen and bookmark.

This is my first time ordering from  I know there are a lot of people who have made online purchases from but I'm sure there are a few other people out there who aren't sure or feel iffy about ordering from them.  Well here's my experience and opinion of them:
1.  It took me a LONG time deciding to place an order.  Call me frugal but $18 USD for shipping is a bit too much.  I mean for that amount I could've purchase another product.  It was either spend $18 on shipping or spend over $100 for free shipping.  I did select standard shipping that would usually cost me $18 USD but during the time I placed my order, had a "buy SPF products and receive free shipping worldwide".  So I had no excuse but to take up this offer.  If you were to make a purchase from, I'd recommend gathering a list of things you want to purchase and just make one big order.  Otherwise, it's not worth it.

2.  I was lucky that Canadian customs didn't tax me.  I've heard people were taxed before which was another reason I hesitated on placing my order.  With my previous experiences, customs make their own estimate of the value of your package and put a 18% tax on it which makes it a hefty cost.

3.  The ETA of my package was supposedly 7 - 14 days.  I placed my order on May 14 and received it today, May 23.  Compared to, Sasa ships a little faster.

4.  They provide a tracking number and signature confirmation.  It ensure delivery confirmation.  I can use the tracking number to track the shipping progress of my parcel.  Again, a shipping option I prefer.

5.  I enjoy purchasing from Sasa since they offer lower prices and some products are not available in Canada.

6.  I love how their website has so much variety to choose from.  There are always new products.  But if you're looking or waiting for them to replenish their stock, it's a long wait.  For example, I was looking to purchase the Borghese face mask but they didn't have any in stock last week.  I visit it again today and they're still not available.

7.  In terms of packaging, they don't individually bubble wrap everything like and their box isn't a sturdy one.  There are a lot of styrofoam packaging inside.  Although nothing inside was damaged, the box itself had a rough ride across the world to my house.

8.  Website description of each product can be found in different languages based on what country and language you select.  However on the packaging, it is mostly Chinese or Japanese.  A disadvantage for those who can't read either language.

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