Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shiseido & Nars Warehouse Sale - May 2012 Haul

Today's the last day of the sale and I decided I should go.  I'm pretty proud of myself =).  From my first haul of the sale back in May of 2010 to the present day May 2012, I have severely minimized my spending.
Compared to my past visits to these sales on Saturdays and Sundays, this sale has introduced three new brands that were not there before - Bare Minerals, Buxom and Cle De Peau.  They're also selling more Orlane products, NARS lip products, less makeup bags and Shiseido lip products.  There are Shiseido Sunscreen SPF 33 and 50 for sale, which is the first time I've seen them sold on Saturday and Sunday sales.  I would've bought the SPF 50 but I'm still using the bottle I bought last year.
Prices have gone up again - which for some makeup products - is probably not a good idea since not many people are buying them.

1.  Joico Skin Luxe Whipped Body Butter in Pink Vanilla - $3 CAD
I love body butters and for $3, I definitely had to grab one.  I tested it before purchasing and it's not bad.  No greasy after feeling but I was a little worried about how moisturizing it is, so I just picked up one.
2.  NARS concealer in Vanilla / Honey - $10 CAD (MSRP $38 CAD / $30 USD)
3.  NARS concealer in Custard / Ginger - $10 CAD (MSRP $38 CAD / $30 USD)


  1. Hey, do you know if they had the Nars lipstick in Niagara? I wanted to go today but I totally forgot about it :(

    1. I don't recall seeing that colour. If you live in the area and have time, you should hurry and go, they close at 3PM today.

    2. Ahhh, I live near the Scarb-Pickering border. :( I went last year and spent a lot! How about the eyeshadows and other lippies? Did they have a variety of eyeshadow colours and nude lipsticks? My favourite one by Shiseido is discontinued and I doubt they still have any at the sale!

    3. I took a quick glimpse at eyeshadows and I find there was a lot left, especially the Shiseido Hydro Powder ones. Most likely because they changed the packaging. There were quite a few Shiseido nude-mauve lipsticks.

    4. I did a heavy damage to my wallet the first time I went, but gradually I learned self-control. Anyways, there's always November's sale. ;)


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